Nala Toph

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2021-02-01 11:46:19 (UTC)

Broken Beyond Repair

is this a sad thing.. maybe it is depending on your point of view... I know the topic can be a trigger/turn off to some people..

Now that you heard the disclaimer:

I want to be raped, I want to be dragged and pushed around against my consent. I want to be throat fucked vigorously in a life or death situation, forced to obey. Not that I’m a brat. But I want to be hurt, use a shock collar, taser stick, whip, punch me, kick me in the cunt. I wish to be abused. I'm too horny for this society. People really view themselves as victim when caught in sex trade... Abused? fucked? raped in every hole? it sounds like my slice of paradise. I can almost understand why they think this way but I really can't connect. I don't try to concern people, my desires simply aren't sane. I can at least recognize that this isn't normal right? Is it good to be weird? is it okay to be different if different means to be insane?
Sometimes I want to cut myself again, not to be edgy, but rather I want to use it as sexual satisfaction, I want to lose enough blood that I pass out and then be used as a cum dumb. I just want someone to inflict pain on me. It hurts to not be in pain...