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2021-02-01 12:43:01 (UTC)

Absolute True Story

You didn’t give a f^ck about me,
but you really had me thinking you gave a f^ck about me.

Dug yourself into my guts and
made yourself at home.

When I was crying all you did was leave me alone,
wouldn’t even answer when I’d text your phone.

I slammed your car door and walked up the block
and you still didn’t give a f^ck.

I sat on the ground, on the cold cement with my face in my hands
after you showed me you didn’t care

I said goodbye to you for the last time,
walked around the neighborhood yelling aloud
to nobody and nothing.

Got home an hour later and
abused the skin of my leg with whatever I could find.

Blood dripping from my skin and
you still didn’t give a f^ck.

You never gave a f^ck.

Thanks Indio. The situations still clearly in my mind.

My doctor finally called. They are doing it on two different days. Tomorrow at 3 I will see someone about medication for sleeping, to try and stop the nightmares, and hopefully Valium again for my nerves.....doubtful, but praying. Was on it 4 years and never abused it and it works. Looking for something to help with my inability to talk about my brother who died 4 months ago and my mother 2 weeks ago. I’ve had a lot of loss in a year. My adopted father, sons grandfather, my son in law, my brother, my mother all in a year or less.

So appointment made, they will make the one for physical when I get there tomorrow.
Prescriptions called in for pick up tomorrow.

Now, going to nap.