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2021-02-01 12:02:10 (UTC)

My appreciation to y’all

Made my calls to the pharmacy, and had to leave voicemail yet again for my doctor. So sick of leaving voicemails and not having them get back in touch with me. But I don’t have the willpower to sit and call over and over and over till someone answers.
He is an excellent doctor, it’s the medical receptionist that bites bandaids.

Grasshopper and I talked this morning over my entry. Was needed because I know myself well enough to know what I do, and yes, I do back away and withdraw. It’s who I am. I do make people aware that I do this. It’s trust issues. I have those due to an un healing past. The bonus to today, we discussed it, which shows 1. I am growing. 2. I am trying to make this work. 3. Both people are willing to work. 4. Growth for both involved. So, as long as this continues, it will be easier as time goes on to see little signs and fix issues right away without having it fester like in my past relationship. Indio put no effort the last half to working on this. There’s a difference, when someone is this way when meeting you can bet it’s part of who they are so it’s kind of expected. However, if a person talks right away and finds communication and works to fixing things from the get go, and then they stop doing it, it’s a bad change....and doesn’t help the person who naturally shuts down. So seeing as I’m normally that way, even in therapy, me discussing things this morning is a positive growth not to be ignore but appreciated because I’m actually trying so this works.

I’m still sick this morning.
I can’t figure out what’s going on with me, other than a rerun of a year ago and when I went in to get checked it ended in alarming news. I neglected to go back every 3 months due to C-19, and I’m now back to being sick more than I was after the procedure. I have only myself to blame....but has me nervous as all heck.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the inspirational messages about how wonderful and powerful you find my writings. I never got that reinforcements growing up and was always afraid to write so the public could see it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s nice to hear.

Back to getting things done I need to do 😘