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2021-01-31 18:07:22 (UTC)

A to Z

Listening to :
Fuck You by Silent Child

I grabbed my nap.
Just laying in bed.
Starting to sink a little.
Feeling that down spell.
Talking with grasshopper.

Got a ton of physical pain today.

Keep using my mental eraser ✏️
It will get easier in time.

Allow love inside
Believe, never hide
Chase your hopes and dreams
Drops from water streams
End your inner pain
Fight the hurricane
Give it all you got
Help those that are caught
Imagine true peace
Joy and love release
Kindness from a friend
Light to now begin
Make your life your own
Name and path is shown
On your own journey
People never heard me
Questions about all
Risks and then you fall
Sunk into the sea
Truly never free
Under a pine box
Vixen or even fox
Waiting for a sign
X, the finish line
Years they will go by
Zone and trapped inside

Been slipping in and outa some dark feelings.
Fighting the urge to grab my shiny gadget.
Hoping it stops the urge to cry.
Not sure why I’m struggling right now.
I keep using my mental eraser ✏️

Put on some comfy clothes, covered in the warm sheets.

Am talking with grasshopper.
Talking about past things that hinder my healing.
Feels good to get all this off my chest.

I do appreciate the blessing he is a part of my life. We talk a ton about everything.
He’s willing to work with me on things I’m struggling with.
Talking has stopped my urge to grab my shiny gadget right now.
He is a blessing.
He really does work hard to get to know me, all things, and he’s not once been judgemental at all. He’s not once put me down, and we talk a minimum of 5 hours a day.

DD3 I’m doing ok.
I have an appointment tomorrow at 230 so will call you tomorrow morning.

I’ve kept myself safe, thanks to grasshopper.