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2021-01-31 16:59:07 (UTC)

One Week in Taiwan (3,038 wds.)

One Week in Taiwan


D’Arc Tangent

Madilyn sat in the Char Bistro of the Hotel Indigo in the east district of Hsinchu City and smiled at the waiter for the third time as he walked by to ask if she required anything. She had been sitting there for 30 minutes and was about to leave when the door opened and HE walked in.

Not the he as in the male pronoun, but the HE of a person whom you would be willing to wait thirty minutes in a hotel café for. HE walked in, and Maddy smiled.

“I am so sorry I am late. I still can’t get used to streets that are not numbered. Back in Edmonton, if I was on 100 street, and I wanted to go 150 street, I know it is 50 blocks west, here, everything has a name, and even in English, I can’t tell one road from the next.” then waving to the waiter he turned back to Maddy, “Again, I am so sorry for making you wait, are you hungry?”

“It is OK Sam,” Maddy replied, “I was early, and I know you are here on business, and thank you, yes, I am hungry”

The waiter arrived at their table, and Sam ordered a coffee for Maddy, and a green tea for himself, and said they needed a moment to look over the menu.

“How are you holding up my dear?” Sam asked.

“You know I am going back next week.” Maddy said.

“Yes, you have mentioned that, and that is the reason, well, one of the reasons I am here. You said that you could not stay in the dormitory, and I told you that if I was in Taiwan, you could stay with me.”

“You mean …" and Sam interrupted.

“Yes. I had business here. I just moved it up a month. QNAP was actually quite happy to make this deal sooner, so I came here. I will be here for two weeks, but for the first week, you can share my room with me.”

“I can’t do that Sam.” Maddy said, “What will people say?”

“I do not care what people say, all I care is what you say. There are two beds in the room. I would not think for a moment that you would share my bed, that is not what we are about. We are friends, and if I can help you, I will.”

“So you do not want me to sleep with you?” Maddy said, and a puzzling look crossed her face for a moment, but added, “Really?”

“Now don’t be putting words in my mouth.” Sam said, “There is a very big difference between wanting to, and doing. Do I want to? Yes, definitely, but will I? That is your decision. All I am offering is a safe place to stay until your flight. That is all. I am not expecting anything from you for this favour.”

The waiter came, and Maddy ordered the Chicken Pesto Penne, and Sam order the burger, to which Maddy made a face.

“I am sorry baby,” Sam said, “I’m an Albertan. Beef is what we do.” and he smiled at her, and raised his cup of tea like a toast, to which Maddy did the same, they clinked glasses, and continued to talk.

“Did you bring your bags with you?” Sam asked.

“Yes, most of my stuff is already on its way to the Philippines, so I only have clothes for the week.”

“Do you need anything else?” Sam asked, “Do you require anything?”

“No Sam.” Maddy said, always worried that she is going to ask too much of him.

Their lunch arrived, and the two long distance friends, who finally got to meet, talked while eating.

“Do you know what you are going to do once you move back home?” Sam asked.

“I will spend some time reconnecting with my family. It has been over ten years since I left home, after that, I am not sure yet.”

After lunch, Sam took Maddy to the front desk and got her a key card for the room, then led her to the 5th floor where his room was. The room was spacious, with a coffee maker, mini bar, mini fridge, and a bathroom separate from the tub and shower. As he said, there were two queen size beds separated by a night stand.

“Here is your key card.” Sam said, handing the plastic credit-card sized key to her, “Make yourself comfortable. Freshen up, watch some TV if you like, your choice, anything you want. I have another meeting to go to, and I should be back by 18:00. Will you be alright?”

Maddy dropped her bags onto one of the beds, and turned to face him, “You are not staying?” she said, and Maddy truly looked sorry he was leaving.

“Sorry baby,” he said, then kissed the top of her head and said, “Gotta pay for the room.” and he smiled at his little joke.

“I will be back later, then we can go for dinner, see if there is a restaurant you like when I get back.”

As Sam left, Maddy plopped herself on the bed and pouted, then turned on the TV for a while, then turned it off, then decided to put her clothes away. The top two drawers were empty, but the next two were full of Sam’s clothes, as if he left them empty just for her. She opened her bag and started to take her clothes out and was suddenly mortified that she did not pack a night gown.

“Right.” she said to herself, “I was expecting to be alone this week, so I sent my night clothes home. What do I do now?” she thought, then it came to her. There was an A Mart a few miles up the road, she could buy a nightie there. She had a few hours, so just take the bus and go, and so she finished putting away her clothes, and left the room.

Maddy boarded the bus, and a short trip later, was standing outside the shopping plaza. It was a large building with just about every shop you could want, and it did not take her long to find a store that sold sleepwear.

The store had a nice variety of sleepwear, from the very sexy, to very demure. Maddy found a nice pair of fleece pajamas, top and bottom, that would definitely be warm and comfortable, but for reasons she may never fully understand, she bought a short, satin nightie. Maybe it reminded her of the one Sam and sent her for Christmas, but instead of covering herself head to toe in fleece, she opted for the skimpy little satin piece that just flowed slightly below her cheeks.

Maddy was laying on the bed she had laid claim to, propped up on pillows, watching a show when she heard the door open, and she jumped off the bed, and ran to greet Sam.

“Well, someone is anxious for dinner.” Sam joked to her, “So, what have you been up to?”

“I went shopping.” she said.

“What did you go shopping for? I could have gotten you something you were missing from the concierge.”

“It was nothing Sam.” Maddy said, “I just forgot to pack night clothes.”

“I don’t see where that is a problem.” Sam grinned at her.

“I can’t sleep here naked Sam. Please don’t ask me to.”

“I won’t baby. I was just teasing you. Do I get to see it tonight?”

“You want me to wear it now?” Maddy asked.

“No, no, please, you don’t have to wear it now. Besides, we are going for dinner. Did you find anything you would like to eat?”

“There is a Hot Pot Restaurant int eh North District, on Shaonian Street. Do you want to go there?”

“I have never been to a Hot Pot restaurant. We have many in Edmonton, and one of my associates said I should always try it, so, here’s to new adventures.”

“Are you sure?” Maddy asked, again, afraid she was overstepping her bounds.

“Of course. I will book the hotel limo; we will be there is no time. Did you pack something to wear?”

“Just these.” Maddy said, indicating the shorts and t-shirt she was wearing. All my clothes are like this. I did not expect to be going out to dinner Sam.”

“Well then,” Sam said, and opened the door, and the porter handed him a bag he was holding, and Sam slipped him a hundred dollar note, and thanked him, “I thought you might not have been prepared, and that you most likely did not have a dress, so I stopped by the store on the way home. I do hope I remembered your size; you were quite vague every time I asked.”

Maddy took the dress, and ran into the bathroom and closed the door as Sam sat of the edge of the bed and waited.

Maddy closed the door, and hung the dress on the hook on the door, and pulled off her t-shirt, lifting it over her head, and thankful she decided to wear the little lacey bra today. Then she slid her shorts over her hips, and down her legs, then stepped out of the bundle at her feet. She stood in front of the mirror for a moment, frowning at her self-proclaimed chubby figure, and hoped that the dress was not too tight, on her. She slipped the dress over her head, and reached behind, but could not quite reach the zipper. She slumped her shoulders, and the strap slipped down her arm. She pulled it back up and tried again, but still could not reach her zipper. Finally, she opened the door slightly and whispered, “Sam, I can’t reach the zipper.”

“Come out here then baby.” Sam said, and Maddy opened the door a little more, and walked out, making sure the dress did not slide down, and she turned her back to Sam, who zipped her up. “There, all done. Now that wasn’t hard to do was it?” he teased.

Maddy ran back into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. It was a simple cut dress that hugged her hips, but did not show off her belly too much. It was a nice earth tone, nothing bright or flashy, and it fit her wonderfully.

Maddy came back out of the bathroom and said, “Thank You Sam. It is lovely, but you don’t have to buy me things. I can’t pay you back.”

“I don’t want you to.” Sam said, “When I do something for you, it is because I want to. There is no Quid Pro Quo here baby. You do not owe me anything in return. I just thought you would like to look fancy when we go for dinner.”

Maddy hugged Sam, then quickly stepped back and looked embarrassed at her actions.

“I’m sorry Sam. I don’t want you thinking that, well that because you bought me a dress that …"

“Stop worrying about it baby.” Sam said, “Now, the limo is waiting downstairs for us, let us go, and have a wonderful dinner” and the two left to meet the limousine.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Sam was surprised to find that a ‘Hot Pot’ was pretty much a fondue, which he has had, so the experience was not completely alien to him, and the Szechuan broth was delightfully spicey. Maddy stayed with the basic chicken broth as she was not a fan of really hot but it was an enjoyable evening, with delightful company, and conversation, though way too much food for just two people, but Sam enjoyed himself immensely.

It was a good thing they enlisted the hotel’s limousine service as they both had a little too much food, and definitely too much to drink. Maddy was smiling and laughing, something she seldom did any more, but she so enjoyed herself that evening, and the two made their way back to the hotel room.

Once in the room, Maddy hugged Sam, holding onto him tightly, then pulling away she smiled at him and said, “Thank You Sam.” and walked over to the dresser and took out her nightie, then she asked Sam to unzip her dress, and went into the bathroom, while Sam started to undress out in the main room.

Maddy slipped out of her dress, and unhooked her bra. She looked at herself in the mirror, and frowned. “I am too fat.” she thought as she patted her belly, “but I must admit, I have great boobs.” then giggled a little before slipping her nightie over her head and opened the door to Find Sam standing by his bed, naked.

“Sam!” She shouted, then backed into the bathroom and closed the door.

Sam walked to the bathroom door, and knocked.

“Are you alright Maddy?” Sam said.

“Why are you naked?” she said through the door, “I thought you weren’t going to try to have sex with me.”

“I’m not, but you know I sleep naked, I told you this a long time ago.” Sam replied, “Is that a problem?”

“Can you wear your underwear to bed?” Maddy asked.

“Sorry baby.” Sam replied, “I don’t wear underwear either. Commando all the way.”

“I can’t come out there if you are naked Sam. You have to do something.”

“What if I get undressed, and into bed, before you come out. Will that be alright?”

“Really?” Maddy said, “I won’t have to see you naked?”

“No, you won’t.” Sam said, “Do you not like my body?”

“No, I mean yes, I mean, no, that’s not the point. It is enough I am sharing a room with a man, but to see that man naked, I am a good girl. I do not do these things.”

“I am sorry baby.” Sam said, “I will get into bed now, and then call to you to come out.”

“And you will be covered?” Maddy asked.

“Completely.” Sam said, “Give me a minute.” and then he climbed into bed and covered up, then called out, “Alright baby.” he said, “You can come out now.”

Maddy opened the door slightly and looked out, and saw Sam was in bed, the sheets covering him completely, so Maddy opened the door all the way, and came out, her little satin nightie barely covering her, and she climbed into the other bed, and as she did, Sam got a good look at the lacey black panties that were in no way covered by the satin nightie, and he just smiled, but did not comment.

“Good Night Baby.” Sam said, and turned off the light.

The next morning, Sam awoke early. He had more meetings that day and he looked over at Maddy, who appeared to be asleep, so he slipped out of the bed, and padded his way over to the bathroom. As he did, Maddy opened her eyes a little and watched Sam’s naked ass move across the room, and once the door shut, she closed her eyes again, and smiling, went back to sleep.

Sam took a shower, shaved, and wrapping a towel around himself, slowly opened the door and looked out. Maddy was still sleeping, so he walked over to the dresser, took out his clothes for the day, and dropped the towel. Maddy lay on her side, one eye open, as she watched Sam get dressed, and every time he looked like he was going to turn her way, she closed both her eyes.

Sam left a note on the table, letting her know she had full access to the hotel’s amenities, including the restaurant. He ended with ‘charge it to the room’, then he walked up beside her, and kissed her cheek, before leaving for work. At the sound of the door closing, Maddy smiled, and touched her cheek.

The rest of the week followed suit. Sam would go to work, and Maddy would amuse herself with TV, or the internet, and sometimes go exploring the town, or shopping, then she would be back in the room in time for Sam to come home, and she would greet him with a kiss on the cheek, and a hug, but she still changed in the bathroom, and would wait until Sam called out to her that he was in bed, but three nights in, she started to open the door a little to watch him undress, but always moved away from the crack in the door if it looked like he was going to look her way. On the fourth night though, Maddy watched through the door as Sam undressed, then, leaning against the door, her heart pounding in his chest so much she was afraid it was going to burst, she took her panties off, left them in the bathroom, and went to climb into bed. She knew Sam could see her, and she paused as she climbed onto the bed, and Sam could see very well that she was not wearing any panties this time.

Sam bit his lower lip. He wanted to react. He wanted to touch her, to run his finger along the glistening slit between her legs, but he promised he would not do anything to her, would not make any moves, or make any suggestions. Theirs was a friendship based on trust, and no matter what, he would not breach that trust. So he said, “Good Night Baby.” turned off the light, and went to sleep.

The next day was the last full day Maddy was going to be in Hsinchu City. Sam took the day off, rebooked all his meetings, so he could spend the day with her. There were many amusements in Hsinchu. They had lunch, they visited attractions, and just had an easy day, neither of them once mentioning that by tomorrow, Maddy would be leaving Taiwan for good, and that Sam would go back to Canada the following week, and that they most likely would never see each other again, except in video chat, when she could get a load. Instead, they spent the rest of the day like usual. Watched some TV, had some dinner, then went to bed. Again, Maddy changed in the bathroom, as Sam undressed out in the main room, and climbed into bed. Maddy came out of the bathroom, not in the tiny satin nightie she had worn all week, but the big white terry cloth bathrobe the hotel supplied. Instead of going to her bed, Maddy stood in front of Sam, and let the robe fall to her feet.