The Great Gatsby {SEIF HISHAM 10C}
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2021-01-31 21:40:55 (UTC)

Nick{The Narrator}

We first meet Daisy in Chapter 1. She invites Nick Caraway to her home for dinner, where he had a meeting to Jordan Baker. Tom takes a call from Myrtle during the evening. When Nick leaves he has already said Daisy won't leave Tom.

In Chapter 5, Nick invites Daisy to tea at his house. This is actually just an excuse for Jay Gatsby to come over and reunite with her after five years. After the reunion, Nick leaves them alone and they begin an affair.

Daisy attends one of Gatsby's parties in Chapter 6 and hates it. This causes Gatsby to stop throwing his parties. He also changed his old staff and brings a new staff given by Meyer Wolfshiem to his house so because to keep his affair with Daisy secret.

In Chapter 7, Gatsby pushes Daisy, she never loved him, and leave him{TOM}. They originally plan to do this in Daisy and Tom's house, but end up driving to Manhattan instead since everyone is so excited. This crushes Gatsby and Tom certain of his victory tells Daisy she can drive home with Gatsby he does this as a show of power. Daisy would never leave him, even if she's alone with Gatsby.

During that drive back to East Egg, Myrtle Wilson runs out in the road she has confused Gatsby's yellow car with Tom's and Daisy runs her over and continues without stopping. Myrtle is killed on impact. He was talking across the table at her and his hand had fallen upon and covered her own.

So Nick leaves Daisy in Chapter 7 just as he did in Chapter 1, alone with Tom not happy but not unhappy too. Daisy is too comfortable in her marriage with Tom to leave it. We'll search to more reasons why Daisy doesn't divorce Tom.

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