Live my life♥

me and my life
2021-01-31 18:53:28 (UTC)


I am absolutely blank. I literally don't understand and know what to do or what will happen? Ash also got job and am still here jobless, aimless, unproductive. Moms health stress me out a lot. Everyday it's something new and I feel sad and stresses looking at her so. She deserves to enjoy her life now. Uffff.... I hope she will recover soonest is what I am focusing as of now.
When I think of what's gonna happen now, I literally don't have any intuition about anything. Am just going with the flow.
It's my birthday in 5 days and am 0 excited. I just want things to get better in life stable, looking g back I really think my life was better before than what it is now. I earned, I had bf, I had social life, mom was all good, I was to get married and mom was fine. It wasn't perfect but still it was way much better than now. All my fears had come true. Now I fear nothing. I know God will put things back to normal.
What else nothing much. I can't believe how life is pacing so fast and days are passing so fast toooo...
I pray for good life yours and mine.

Well, I don't wanted to mention monku, but will he remember my bday? Will he think about me? I know definitely he won't wish me but yaad hoga usse??? Am sure hoga hi. Hmmm... Cya