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2021-01-31 12:35:40 (UTC)

👀 When I close my eyes 👀

Listening to :
Way Down We Go by KALEO
Break My Baby by KALEO

I so get all worked up listening to his singing. In a nice sensual way. That soul music and his voice is just intoxicating.

Got my coffee made.
Got the front walkway shoveled.
Got some laundry going.
Vacuumed my bedroom.
Still have to grab my shower.

Friend of mine worried I had slid back down a path, towards a negative force but had to let them know I have not. I am smarter and stronger than that. Best thing for me to do is continue to step forward. Continue to find my footing. I’m carrying my mental eraser. It was a lesson, just like a class assignment.

Switched my album tunes to :
Sam Tinnesz

When I close my eyes
the person I see standing in front of me
not only is holding my face in both of his hands
but also,
he is whispering for me to open my eyes.
when I close my eyes
I see the inner person in him
but when I open them
I see a handsome sexy loving man!
I think I should keep my eyes open...
maybe I should close them…
how about....
I leave the left one closed
and the right one open
that way,
I can see both sides of him that no one else sees.
They only see the person with eyes open
I love being the only one
closing my eyes to see the real thing!

Off I go to get my shower and make my kid some brunch and I am going to grab a nap.