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2021-01-31 13:50:39 (UTC)

Songs I have stuck in my head

Hello. Nothing much has happened, but I have music stuck in my head, and I want to tell them to you all.

Before I begin, I just want to say that, since I first heard the song Wellerman, whether it be the remix by 220 Kid or the original by Nathan Evans, I have listen to the song 206 times. 206 times! I am kind of bored of it now, but I still listen to it for some reason.
Come on, is that not impressive? I have only known the song about two-and-a-half weeks.

I have two songs stuck in my head:
Mahalle, I don't remember the artist. I know for definite the song name is Mahalle though. It is a German song. I found it when I searched up on YouTube 'German hip-hop'. I am pretty sure that it has swearwords in it, but considering the last time I listened to it I knew no German whatsoever, I may be right or wrong. Now that I know a bit of German, I may (or probably will) recognise words and maybe phrases or sentences. I really want to make a slowed down version of the song for YouTube. I think I will do that in a minute.

The second song (and the only other one) that I have stuck in my head is Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez. She still sings today, but that is my favourite song from her. Did you know that this year the song will turn ten years old? Neither did I, until I watched a recommended YouTube video titled 'Songs that turn 10 years old in 2021'.
I would make a slowed version of the song, but there is already one (and multiple) of that. I would make a sped up (nightcore) version, but I can guarantee that there are many of them too. I could make a lyric video of it to post, but I am not sure. I might, I might not.

Now I am going to do as I said: Make a slowed version of Mahalle, and consider a cool-looking lyric video of Love You Like A Love Song. My entry ends here.