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2021-01-30 22:43:40 (UTC)

I AM.....

Thanks DD3

You know, a person who can’t mourn the loss of a child, is more than likely incapable of truly loving someone.
I should have realized that from the get go.
I sat here, I cried, I pulled out my shiny gadget, and cried some more, pondering the option to grab the bottle too. I did not. Was too scared to pour one.
I grabbed a lighter, I grabbed every photo, and burned the face on every one. Now, I’m going to go through and remove them off my phone and tablet.
I want to erase every trace, every memory, every thought. I want to never remember a thing.

I’m not sure what I was thinking.

I am
A street without a name
A pictureless frame
A dull knife
A still life

I am
A question mark
A smothered spark
An unread book
A stolen look

I am
A blank page
An empty stage
A heavy sigh
A passer-by

I am
A ship with paper sails
A train on rusted rails
A flightless bird
A Dream Deferred

I am
An overcrowded mind
A word that hasn't been defined
A lighthouse that no longer stands
Two feet sinking in the sand.

My head is in it’s protect mode. Never believe words spoken. Never truly let anyone fully in. Protect the heart. It’s the only way to survive.
I’m tired of my heart bleeding.
I question, what am I doing wrong? Am I truly not worthy of love that I give?
My wish for his pain is just on me.
Till now.
I truly am tired.
Yes, my thoughts are twisting from hate to a dark place only I know so well.

It’s time to get creative. It’s time to become an artist in the ultimate form. To master the skill.
Let’s see how creative I truly am.