Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-30 19:46:31 (UTC)

Good Evening.

Good evening,

Nothing much has happened today, so this will be another short-medium sized entry.

I have been writing my German story (if I mentioned it in another entry). Literally, It is all in German. I translate from English and use my German dictionary that Mrs. Turner gave me (Danke, Frau Turner!)

Dad phoned earlier. My parents were still asleep. Throughout talking to him, he said he is going to order me a USB stick, so I can put all of my school data on there, because I don't like the fact that all of my work will be deleted when I leave in June or July. He also said he got me another 10-pack of mints and a pack of 50 face masks.

I made a picture today. It is supposed to be a futuristic science room. I personally don't think it looks like that though. But I cannot think of a better title.

I played Medal Of Honor on my PS1 a few hours ago. But I quit after completing the first mission as I - for some reason - felt stupid and lazy to be playing it. Is it a guilty conscience? Because I have nothing to feel guilty about.
I am thinking of playing Metal Gear Solid in a minute. I probably won't, for the same reason.

Our shopping came today. I didn't mention it, but Mum last week ordered another shop for today for 7-9PM. It has already arrived, and has already been put away. Mum bought me a banana milkshake, but said I can't have it until tomorrow.

Now my parents are watching a program that I don't know the name off, but recognise. Now my entry ends here.