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2021-01-30 16:59:09 (UTC)

The Beauty of Love

Love is an invisible thread that clings to the need to protect. It offers attachment to an everlasting connection of softness and compromise. Love creates a need to listen, comprehend and support. It overcomes your feelings and thoughts while you fight, aiding to dilute any emotional burden for that which you love.
Love holds eternal memories, treasured from the far recesses of your subconscious to the fore offering images and feelings. It brings physical aching and waves of euphoria that ignite your senses to react. It engages your courage, strengthens your resilience, giving you an awareness of the purpose of being. Love is not just between two people, it is exceedingly more expansive.
In every eventuality, love changes your life. Its power is far greater than any other. When love enters your soul, all seems possible. All that you thought you never were, can be. Love creates a sensation that empowers you, propels you to reach higher, further, to overcome the impossible. Its beauty is so magnetic that you never want to lose the magnificence it makes you feel. It holds you to account, it can dim the light it ignited, but the beauty of love is that when you feel love is lost, you realize it never left because love was always present, always around you, within you. All along.