If I die today
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2021-01-30 08:49:39 (UTC)


Theres not much I have off the top of my head to share that I would say is useful should I die today. So just fishing for fun facts to put up. I have been a little more tired lately than usual but I'm not sleeping well or fully. Also my fresh produce supply dwindled bc its the end of the month so my diet is the pitss. Its not an issue of getting food believe me nDea would be happy to take me if i aksed we went to get apples last week just bc I told him I'm outta fresh fruit. so anyhow Im just trying to budget and be humble. I just dont know what I want or see the point in the hassel. Anyhow other than low energy level concerns I dont think theres much major that raises red flags of death concern. i'm getting ready to watch truth unedited since nDea got me a roku well I can now watch it on my tv instead of computer but itll be a minute I'm watching one more epispode of threes compnay first. As always I want my friends and people to know I do in fact care and I dont mean harm sure my ways are odd and crazy and accourding to society rebellois even hazardous but well my heart aches for the lost I believe were all being played for a fool and I'm going to resist as much as I can. This morning I didnt even watch the news or peek at it. Althou I'm sure I'm still be brainwashed as I'm watching tv. Tell-a- vision. I have no particular plans today but I'm sure if nDea makes himself available ill be by his side in his arms. Today I believe is the sabath bc Saturday is the last day of the week. After truth unedited may or may not watch something esle to lift my spirits then prayer time a prayer walk and lunch. nothing much else Saturdays I try to rest and well I want to want the LORD I do try to seek him but IDK I feel pretty half ass double minded but Idk if I have the strength to change to buckle down silence this whole world and commit to him.

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