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2021-01-30 08:22:18 (UTC)

Chatted with three women last night 🤔

So I chatted with three women last night. Nothing serious. One was Heidi, the other Superstar, and finally... the ex wife. I kept it short with the ex wife. She initiated the text and usually I don't fall into her trap. It's always a trap when she texts me. But I know already. Been there done that over the years. Just pretty much told her she is still the same but fatter. Haha. Nah, didn't say she was fatter. I did say she was still the same person and that's fine and not to change. Told her I hope she finds what she is looking for in life but it won't be me ever again.

Heidi too was texting me about nothing in particular. Just silly stuff and about the upcoming camp she set up. Not sure if she was going to ask to borrow money because she knows I get paid once a month or trying to kiss my butt for sensing I distanced myself away from her for a little bit and now miss speaking with me. When we do chat and I'm in a nice mood, I always am able to make her smile and laugh because we have fun stuff to talk about. Never about politics and if we do speak about serious things, it's usually relationship and our views on it but it's always interesting and constructive. Stuff that makes you go "hmmmmm".

Finally, Superstar was texting me. Late at night too but I always stay up late and I guess she knows it too. I almost texted her checking up on her but she instead texted me to see how I was. We chatted a bit about how her younger brother is liking his toy. She also said that her parents think I'm a nice guy and they always tell her to say hi to me but forgets to tell me whenever we see each other. I told her her parents will be disappointed from the stories she tells them. hehe. She's pretty excited about her Mexico trip. She won't be in the big city. She'll be in some rural place where no cars are. So it'll be a lotta walking around.

At the end of the night, thinking of all the women got me thinking. If I were to put them on scale of "Being able to bring home to Mama", it's so obvious to me. Ex wife would be for sure for sure on the bottom of that scale. Heidi would be somewhere above the middle of the scale. Of course guaranteed for sure for sure, it'll be Superstar at the top. I see the differences in heart from all three and I guess it's a good life experience that I can see this but yeah. Made me wonder a bit and it also tells me what kind of a person I'd want to meet in my life for a possible relationship. These three are off the table. Their just for display purposes only. Hahahaha. Still, I know I got a good working scale here from the two extreme ends. So I know what kind of a person I'd want should I get into a relationship again and if they are high enough on my self made scale to initiate a life with them romantically.

In other news, I had a nice dream last night. My trick as I said is to just briefly think about something for a min or two during the day and I'll dream that. Well, I know for sure it'll never be about sex. Instead, I dreamt about washing/waxing my truck which to me, is very relaxing. While I'm actually waxing my truck, I have Amazon music playing on my cell phone outside with my Bose bluetooth speaker. I lose track of time when I'm doing this. Just enjoying the music while I wax my truck. Also, I briefly thought about eating right yesterday. So? I dreamt about those two things. I was washing my truck and I was in a pie eating contest or something like that. haha. Now those dreams I can accept.

Anyway, it's time for my morning coffee. Then to get ready for the gym. Probably gonna have breakfast afterwards and check out some Covid free places like Costco, Safeway, or shop for some clothes. Haha. Being sarcastic of course. Not liking small businesses closing down while other big places get free reign on staying open. Got paid so I'm already thinking of cool things to buy.

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