Being Sam
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2021-01-30 09:41:05 (UTC)

First Night in the New House


Moving house with a bunch of removal men is definitely the way to go! I felt super stressed still packing until midnight on Thursday but on the actual moving day, I only felt excitement because there was nothing I needed to stress about which was nice. I mean, I'm sad it cost me £400 but I do feel like it was worth it! We were out of our old house and into the new one before 1:30pm and Dean said to me "do you feel sad to be leaving the old house?" And we both just looked at each other and agreed that we didn't feel sad at all. It was clearly time.
The new house feels HUGE. We literally have double the space and it's in what's classed as a semi-rural area so it's so quiet and surrounded by fields. Honestly I just feel like I'm winning at life. How we have got a house this nice I still don't know but I'm loving. Dean is loving it too...just heard him go downstairs and say to the kids "I'm loving this house girls but doesn't it feel too posh!?" Hahaha which it totally does. We're going to have to up our game if we want to blend in with the horse riding barbor wearing country folk ;)
Beth answered him with "nah its not too posh" ofcourse haha

I just still feel so happy and excited about it!

Oh and this was meant to be about our first night! Which consisted of the kids mattress and ours on our bedroom floor all sleeping together like we're that adorable family lol. It was perfect.