Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-30 08:05:36 (UTC)

Hello, and good morning.

Hello, and good morning.

Yesterday I did Maths, English, and ASDAN. After I did my Maths, I did a bit of drawing for ten minutes, in which Mr. Crane asked me why I was doing that. I apologised and went on to do my English.
For lunch yesterday, I had a huge omelet, which I made myself. It had bacon and red onion in it. Wayne had practically everything his mum gave him: Peppers, onion, bacon, and carrot. Oh, I also had some ham as well in my omelet.
We didn't do boxing, so instead Wayne watched a film and I doodled o the laptop.

Nothing much has happened today, except I just received a letter for me. I hoped it was not more work; it was more work.

My entry ends here.