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2021-01-29 06:12:22 (UTC)

First Date

It’s 512am
I’ve been up since 6pm yesterday
I’m doing ok
My head is doing my usual thing
So I guess, I’m ok 🤪

I often wonder weird things
Having a sex change....
I would look like a pretty boy 🤣😂
Probably not a good thing for a 50 year old man.....rigggght???

I’m pondering my first ‘date’ tomorrow
I have never been on a date.
Always just had coffee dates
Even in high school, my steady JR and I would go with other couples.
I’ve never had a guy take me to the movies. Always went with a girlfriend or with my kids or by myself.
Never had a guy take me to a decent restaurant.

Started this entry early morning.....
Just now getting to finish it.

I ended up going and meeting Grasshopper for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Grasshoppers photos do no justice.
Very nice lunch. Conversation was slow but once we started it went great.
Just talked to DD2, he’s jealous, but so happy I’m happy. He said he hasn’t heard this much pep in my voice in a very long time.
The fact no attempt to kiss or hold my hand was unbelievable. I wouldn’t have minded the hands, the kiss I’m not there yet. But I already know Grasshopper is different.
1. Grasshopper wants to read my journal.
2. Grasshopper is open minded and non judge mental
3. Grasshopper isn’t pushy, controlling
4. Grasshopper wants to genuinely be a friend and help me grow in a positive way
5. Grasshopper is nice on the eyes
6. Grasshopper has a magnificent sense of humor