from my heart
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2021-01-29 17:40:27 (UTC)

4 seconds

5:40 pm

something that helps me when i start to feel anxious is breathing. somebody told me today when i woke up that i should breath for 4 seconds, hold it in for 4 seconds, and let it out for 4 seconds. sometimes its good to remember to just breathe.

most of the time, feeling pain is absolutely terrible. mentally and physically, pain hurts.

i watched one episode of greys anatomy and there was a girl who could not feel any pain. she was internally bleeding from the inside and she didnt even know she was in pain because she did not feel the hurt. she could have died if the doctors did not find out about her internal bleeding any sooner.

pain sucks ass. its terrible and i know sometimes dying might feel a better way out than feeling pain. but pain is what will keep us alive if we nurture to it. when you feel pain, remember that your body is just there to send you signs and trying to communicate to you.

it is okay to be hurt. i think that it is amazing how beautifully our body tries to work so hard to keep us safe and healthy. your body does a lot for you. treat it kindly. love it. it loves you.

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