taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-01-29 20:13:47 (UTC)

art mirroring life

mood: neutral anxiety. hungry.

substances: weed, water.

currently watching: super gt live stream the longest possible race in the game - 200 laps on nürburgring (for charity). each lap a minimum 8 minutes in length. dude will be at this for over 24 hours. it's so boring, repetitive. relentless. i've watched the entire 6 and a half hours so far. he's against low-level ai cars to boot, there's no race drama. i am this committed to being maximum unproductive and minimally entertained. really have nothing else planned for the day. I'm not even into racing, the algorithm fed me this channel a month ago. what am i doing? wh🏄

big boost for the philippines school project tho.

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