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2021-01-29 00:17:29 (UTC)

My day🤨 Small drama.

So I found out that eye candy coach did quit. Haven't seen her all week. She sent me a friend request and we chatted for a bit. She's just too tired working two jobs? She already is a full time kinder teacher so it gets to be too much for her and her health was being effected. That's what she says anyway. Must be tough. I used to work two jobs or job and school for a long time so I know how that goes. She probably is just not getting enough sleep. Anyway, as we chatted, I did tell her that she left without even saying goodbye and the our Eye Candy has left the building. She laughed. I did tell her she was a pretty good coach. One of the better ones since I've been there these past few years. She thanked me and said I was a good gym peep too and how she could see how I always keep pushing harder and I do.

Later, she posted on Facebook that I mentioned that she left without saying goodbye. So she told everyone that I mentioned it and that she is now saying her goodbyes. Sad to hear all the replies. They all liked her and miss her already. So now? Hmmm. I wonder if that opens the door for me to ask her out since she's no longer in the gym? Just kidding. I'm sure she already has a dude. Too cute not to have one.

I got a call from my friend Susan. She's helping take care of my dart friend that can't move his left side. She told me he was crying last Sunday and he can't stand being stuck in bed. He can't even walk around his yard to do little things. He is depressed and don't want to live like that. Oh, and since he went to the hospital last Sunday or Monday, they found traces of alcohol and drugs in him. I think he has prescribed cbd or his kids gave him some. Dunno. Not quite sure. I do know that my friend and I are banned from going there now. I mean I did go once a couple weeks ago maybe? He goes to the hospital last Monday and now it's partially our fault? I think not. I gave me part of a little bottle like what they serve on planes. His kids should have been helping him decades ago. This problem isn't just from us sneaking him a drink. The problem is my friend drinking hard hard hard for decades. But whatever. we are banned and now my friend is going to be even more lonely than he is now.

Gym class was fantastic today. I had so much fun. We did Tabatas and I was ready for it. Body did recover from this morning's aches and pains. Legs did not let me down. Arms were still hurting near the shoulders but only the crab walk routine put more strain on my shoulders so I was fine. Let's see how I feel in the morning 🥺

I have my presentation tomorrow. I think I'm ready. Part training, part dog-and-pony show on how we connect customers cloud stuff (AWS or Azure cloud) into our data center. I did have time to prep a little so it shouldn't be that bad. Haven't done a presentation in a long long time. I think I'm supposed to pretend everyone is naked. That's how it works to not be nervous right? hehe

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