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2021-01-28 19:03:14 (UTC)

Bad headache (extended)

Extremely bad headache.
Ended up laying down around 230 thinking I would just rest a few minutes but ended up sleeping almost 4 hours
I needed to go into town
It’s too late now
It’s dark and no way I’m risking the drive

Woke up with a bad feeling
Almost started crying
No clue why
Something is bothering me but can’t seem to figure out what

My back is out of wack and I seriously need it cracked
I’m also ‘frustrated’ haven’t done anything for 2 days

My right shoulder has been killing me that past 2 days and is getting worse
My muscles in my shoulders are knotted up and when I lightly touch or apply pressure there is an extremely sharp pain in the temple area that moves to under my eyes

I’m depressed
Something just doesn’t feel right

*deep sigh*

Sorry DD3 for missing ya call
I took the ringer onto silent when I laid down so I would get some rest

Upset my doctor still never called back
I really need to get in
I found a huge lump today
It scares the absolute shit out of me
I’m terrified it’s cancer again
I don’t want to go through it again
I know it will only push me to shut down everyone in my life
I won’t put anyone I love through that pain
I wonder how long I can hide it
I seriously need to push to get it checked
I noticed it a few weeks ago, was the size of a pea, today in the shower I felt it, it’s the size of a dime now.
Too scared to touch it right now to see if it’s painful because I can’t remember

*trys to sing in my mind to ignore the thoughts of it*

I couldn’t choose between Honey Bee by Blake Shelton or Hell of a Night by Dustin Lynch......or Shape of you by Ed Sheerhan, so chose Ed Sheerhan as the ring tone.....till something better hits. I had Hell of a Night, but just wasn’t feeling it.

But, going to grab 4 ibprophin and see if Sheldon will step on my back.
Too scared to release some ‘frustration’ because of that lump. It does have a bit of a burning feeling there right now.

*feel like I’m going to puke*
Just the thought of chemotherapy all over again, makes me sink to a bad place. I’ve got to either ignore it or push the doctor and say it’s an emergency.

*sighs with internal tears*

Ok switched it to Wanted by Hunter Hayes
And yes, it hurts when I touch it

Going to make some chicken broccoli noodles even tho I’m not hungry