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2023-02-12 23:27:00 (UTC)

Rolando X Maris: February 4, 2019:


Clip: Stare in your eyes:
At School: Main Hallway: Rolando and Maris are kissing.
Rolando: Thank you Maris. (holds my chocolate rose)
Maris: You're welcome. (kisses you on the cheek) So how was life?
Rolando: Good.
Maris: So you just gonna beat us?
Rolando: (chuckles) Not really Amor.
Maris: Okay.
(Kimberly and her friends are staring at Rolando and Maris relationship, and they walked away)
Maris: (opens the locker, puts condoms away, closes the locker)
Jorge M: Bro, did you eat the chocolate rose?
Rolando: (to Jorge) Yeah. At Nutrition break.
(Maristellar Sighs)
Rolando: (hugs Maristellar)
Maris: (hugs Rolando) Anything shit happen?
Rolando: No.
(they kissed)