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2021-01-28 09:40:19 (UTC)

What keeps you happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

So I was wondering last night what the heck may be wrong with me and if I'm falsely delusional on being in a happy state of mind. Not much gets me down or down for long. Now I know why. I forgot what I did because I'm not working on it consciously but do it automatically without thinking about it. I looked back at some of my notes and voila! There it was. Yes, there was a list at first but now I don't even look back at it anymore. So that's why I'm retarded-happy. It's just that it's working.
I probably mentioned it so many times before but I do have a list and I'm still doing it all.

Get closer to my siblings, counseling ( I consider church to be one and the same), exercise, do my best at work, give to others when you can, donate time, keep a journal (duh), meditate ( I use my morning ritual for this), etc, etc, etc. I wake up today and it just came to me. The only thing I haven't followed on my list is travel. I did got to June lake for the weekend not to long ago but that was only a 5 hr drive. I mean travel to other States and Countries. So I didn't do that but you know, Covid.

I'm also unconsciously NOT investing my life in one basket of life. I know people that put it all out there into one basket. You know, all or nothing on a romantic relationship. Sometimes all or nothing on their child and when that child grows up and leaves, game over for them after that. Some put all their effort into work. Same with romance. I have my baskets. Sometimes some of them spill but it's not all or nothing so that why I don't feel such devastation when one or some of my baskets of life take a spill. Hmph. I know this is weird metaphor but it works. It's like investing in mutual funds but in life. At least for me it works. I'm not worried anymore. All is good. My morning is off to a good start.

I checked out my backyard for all the damages the wind and rain did. The storage shed in the back wanted to fly and is off it's foundation. All four of my grills are still intact safe and sound under the backyard patio. Backyard fridge is still there unmoved. Won't be able to because of all the white wine in there anchoring it down๐Ÿท. I don't even bother taking down my hammock. Probably all weather beaten anyway so I'll just get a new one come summer. I did see a squirrel on it so that was funny to see. Not on it per se but standing and using it's front paws to keep itself balanced. ๐Ÿ˜. Glad it's being put to use.

Body checked myself again. Shoulder (again), biceps, and hamstrings are aching from yesterday's workout but I should be somewhat semi-healed by this afternoon ๐Ÿ’ช. It's gonna be cardio day today. Probably AMRAPs (As many reps as possible). It'll be intensely high in cardio so my legs need to be somewhat ready to rock.

That's it for my self awakening this morning. Coffee too of course but is good :)

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