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2021-01-28 15:20:46 (UTC)

Hello again

Hello, once again.

Oh my God, ever since Mark got up, I have been listening to Nathan Evans - Wellerman (original mix). He got up about an hour-and-a-half ago.
The song is 2:30 minutes, so that means that I have played the song approximately 36 times!
1:30 hours is 90 minutes.
90 / 5 is 18,
and 18 * 2 is 36.
(5 as in 5 minutes. I then halved 5 minutes to get the song length of 2.5 minutes or 2:30 minutes.

I don't think Mum has slept again, and/or she is in pain, because she is in a very bad mood. She asked me to make her a sandwich, using one slice of ham and a bit of mustard. She didn't like how much a put in (which was not much to me), and she said 'your trying to kill me.' Nevermind. Hopefully she will be in a better mood later.

I had two Zoom meetings: The registration at 9am and my reading at 11:30am. I thought I was 10 minutes late for my reading Zoom meeting, but I was actually 20 minutes early. Like, wow. I really am keen!
I thought I lost my Zoom codes (as I wrote then down), and when Mum got up with me for when my Zoom meeting started, she gave me the code for the registration. Thank God! She was in a bad mood then on Tuesday, so it wouldn't have ended well. By the Way, when getting some paper from my textbook tray in my room, I found the codes. I put my head down, as I was looking for it so desperately two days before. I don't know why I didn't look there, but oh well. I have got it now, and I will remember where it is next time (I better!)

A little earlier on I signed up to a website called, which is a Wattpad-like website which you write short stories (only) and publish them on the website.

Nothing else has really happened, but before I leave my entry here, I have to apologise about not writing a big entry for about four days (as far as I am aware). This is supposed to be a multi-daily diary, meaning that I am supposed to write in it multiple times a day. Even if nothing much has happened, I still feel that I should write an entry. Because I will think of something; always. I will try to keep up.

My entry ends here.

P.S. I should've mentioned a sometime time ago that Mark is my stepfather. I refer to him as 'Mark' and, sometimes in this diary only, 'my stepfather'.