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2021-01-28 09:00:27 (UTC)

The grasshopper

I’m completely exhausted
In all aspects

*deep sigh*

Well, first off, Good Morning.
I thought today was Friday, it’s not, it’s Thursday. I feel like a numbskull because my snapchats said Friday.
Oh well.

First good news.....
I have an attorney helping me on my disability.
The law firm is......named......

Hard to believe.
Spoke with Kris yesterday and they are sending paperwork my way to get things going.
I really hope I win this time around.
Excited and nervous.

Second good news.....
I have someone new in my life to add to my support group.
Grasshopper has been intuitive to helping me.
Wants to listen/read my entries.
Wants to know all about me.
Comes up with different ways to look at things.....
ie: hot and cold marked on the knobs so Sheldon can start his own water and have it at the right temp.
Understands I may never completely heal from all the damage of life.
Accepts my challenges.
Willing to be here to help me in my challenges.

Grasshopper and I have talked a minimal of 6 hours a day, everyday, since Monday.
I actually shared Chapter 1 thru 4 and Grasshopper understands why I’m quirky in some ways. I was nervous that Grasshopper would run, but some reason, Grasshopper stays.
Grasshopper is wise, but impatient.
I believe we have crossed paths for a reason.
I’m taking a leap of faith because I shared my journal and phone number already. Something I NEVER do.
Grasshopper admits to not being appreciative to things once had.....things to possibly have again.
I’m excited that Grasshopper wants to read my entries and will know what’s bugging me if I can’t explain what I’m struggling with.
So, Grasshopper has a second chance at things......
As do I.

I will continue to grow and blossom.
I am Grasshopper’s Jessica Rabbit.

Third good news.....
I am finally feeling better to an extent.
I have laughed more in 2 days than I have in months.

Brb.......on the phone......