2021-01-28 07:22:00 (UTC)

20 & 40 Doesn't Match #3

I look up from my cup to his face. It feels like time stood still.
Dark brown hair with just the right amount of grey.
Green eyes that shows tranquility.
Slight stubble.
Focused on his cup of coffee with fingers cradling the mug.

He looks up at me, let go of his mug and placed his hand on my forearm.
His hands, huge, warm but those of a hard working man.

He stares at me, with warmth and compassion. Something I haven't felt or saw in forever.
I got addicted immediately. I needed to be here. I felt at ease as if nothing else mattered.

I place my hand upon his. He smiled and shown off that dimples he was hiding. It send me swooning. Pretty sure my heart skipped a beat as the flutters came rushing in.
He took his hand and put a strand of hair behind my ear when his hand came to rest on the side of my neck.

He came closer as did I. Staring in each others eyes as we drew near, smiling from ear to ear, awaiting on the kiss...

* * *

I suddenly woke when my alarm went off.

Fuck. Is pretty much all i can say.

I checked my phone for any e-mails, nothing, but I did receive a couple of messages.

1) My mom asking if I'll be home on the weekend, seeing as the week was almost at its end.
2) Alec, my dearest assistant, reminding me of a 9am meeting
3) Maddock, seeing if I wanted to go out this evening for dinner

Well it's dinner and I said that bygones be bygones so time a guess to bury the hatchet.

"Only if you are paying." I replied to Maddock's text.