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2021-01-28 07:30:33 (UTC)

Waiting for a magic to happen

Yes, this is thee height of miserability that I have nothing but to wait for some magic to happen. I really want some magic to happen that firstly mom's health to get completely fine and she is like before fit and fine and happy, I get a super job with good pay or else I get a super job and a guy in abroad i so wish for this settling abroad and working there. well, that real difficult but not impossible, and my sisters happy life. I expect nothing more. these basic happiness is lacking in life and am striving hard to get everything on track. Magic please happen to me..... happy life is what i want. i am always in hurry but god is not, he is very chill and takes his own time...
well, I know one day all problems will get solved and new will take place though hahahaha.....
We always thought that when dad will go then only mom can relax in her life and will have liberty to do what she wants. but, when the situation is so she is unwell and from long time and am jobless to take her anywhere. I pray she gets well soon soon soon very soon s, that she can enjoy her life at least. and I still cant believe that dad is no more, even though he was nagging his presence absence is not felt, its just we are free at our own house but feels nothing now i mean we are not that relaxed as we thought. But indeed a big stress is off my moms head but a new one has replaced though huh duhhh....

okies looking for job now cyaaaaa days are passing so fast, unproductive and moneyless god god god pleaseeeeeee help

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