Being Sam
2021-01-28 04:58:47 (UTC)

TOMORROW! eeeeeek!

We're back on track! After a few pretty stressful days, the solicitor let us know that building control have been to the new house again to sign it off with the RIGHT paperwork this time.
This was the only thing left to do to go ahead and complete so providing our buyers havent asked for a last minute delay, we'll be moving house tomorrow!
I can't really believe it's actually going to happen. You know that feeling you get when you're about 7 or 8 and its your birthday the next day and you're so excited you could BURST? That's how I feel right now. I didn't think I could at almost 30 years old to be honest but here I am, awake at 5am because I'm too excited to sleep.
I suddenly feel like we haven't packed enough and aren't quite ready, Dean will be working all day which is just terrible planning on his part, I still need to do tip runs and pack up our bedroom and I have 2 kids to homeschool while working until 3pm too. Ahhhh.
But good "ahhhh" because its exciting.

Side note, Wendy sleeps in our bed now full time because we are soft and she's currently lay along my side under the covers like a living hot water bottle and it's awesome. I'll never be cold again when Dean leaves the bed lol