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2021-01-27 04:34:31 (UTC)


Personal entry follows.

I sat through a webinar yesterday discussing the affordable housing crisis. I raised the question of why has there been a Federal push to place a moratorium on evictions, letting bills pile up for residents who are prevented from working, while there is no talk on the Federal level on freezing rent and mortgages and just sending Federal funds to landlords and banks. According to the two attorneys on the panel, the Federal government doesn't want to "overstep its bounds."

I pretty much embarrassed myself by reporting back to the rest of the staff at my day job about it. When I was describing my frustrations, a reply was, "See this is why you need to be on Biden's senior cabinet." So much for realistic solutions.


Politics in the US is a travesty. On the one side, you have Grab 'Em By The Pussy & Make America Great Again By Any Means Necessary, and on the other, you have Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe The War Criminal. In the middle or wherever you have Sad Old Super Hero Sitting Alone With A Nice Pair of Mittens.

I stole the word, "Disgustipated" from the band Tool. But there's really no other word I can use to describe the way I feel at the moment. I woke up at half past two in the morning and I'm having difficulty falling back asleep because of thoughts like these. There's a staff meeting I am to attend today, re-scheduled at the last minute for the same time I have a doctor's appointment to attend. I have no idea what's going on with my guts, and I am preoccupied with thoughts that my tests were inconclusive and I have to pay out more money to figure out what is going on with more tests. Meanwhile it's more intestinal pain and likely a colonoscopy.

When reading news about the availability of vaccines and how they are being held on to so as to protect patents, I wonder who to take seriously anymore.

Has there ever been a time in "modern" "society" not ruled over by money? I can't stand this place sometimes.

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