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2021-01-26 20:56:54 (UTC)

What a day!! 🤨

Busy as heck! From 7:30-5PM non-stop working. No breakfast or lunch. The only reason I stopped working for a bit is because I had to hit the gym by 5:30PM. I wasn't able to turn up my fricking router and firewall. I don't know what I'm missing but I know it must be something stupid. I just don't know what I did wrong. I asked for help. One guy is lost but trying to help. One dumb-dumb that always asks me for help didn't even lift a finger to help me. Whatever. No one likes him anyway.

Stupid me, no energy so I of course struggled at the gym. That's what I get for not eating. I survived but I was a sad sack of potatoes for sure. It was once again Tabata Tuesday. 20 sec on, 10 sec off. All session long. My shoulders were still hurting from yesterday so today's planks from hands to elbows up and down were burning my shoulders. Mountain climber did me in too. Also squats with a twist on the way up holding a 30 lb slam ball. I got my ass kicked twice today. Work got me and the gym got me. But... I still get paid no matter what and I did go my gym class so still can pat myself on the back. Well, I can't right now because my shoulder muscles are killing me.

On the way home from the gym, I stopped by the supermarket to get dinner. Something already made because I was lazy and really hungry. On the way there. I car almost sideswiped me. I was in the middle lane. They were on the left. Both of us going straight. For some reason, that car just wanted to switch lanes into me? I mean come on!! My truck is big enough and it's pretty much red enough and they missed my truck? I had to hit the brakes and when they finally saw me, they swerved back to their lane. Saw the plates they had. It's a new car with temp paper plates. hehe. That person needs to practice a little bit because they would look bad messing up their new car.

Finally got to the market. Tried to open the door to get out and I couldn't open the door!! I'm thinking now what? haha. Come to find out we have wind blowing at around 35-45 mph and it was keeping my door from opening!! Yipes! 😱. Cool. My truck isn't haunted. The wind made it so so so cold. I can't help but feel bad for the homeless peeps. Not enough to let them sleep in my house but enough to be concerned. Anyway, got my food. Just went with already cooked hot wings so I can just eat it asap.
I had to dodge some downed branches on the way home. kinda cool. Reminds me of the time we'd have hurricane watches in Hawaii and all kinds of chaos would happen.

Got home, started to go back to my computer and get to work. But I don't know if angels are watching over me but poof !!!! Power outage. I work with 4 monitors because of what I do ( I always feel like that guy in the Matrix movie) so there goes that plan to work on my project tonight. I do have data on my phone so I can have one laptop running to goof off and play. So here I am. At least till my batteries on my laptop go kaput.

It's gonna be my-diary and Facebook for entertainment tonight. Netflix too I guess. It's nice an cozy right now. Home safe and sound. Vodka and cranberry in hand. All quiet except for the wind screaming bloody hell outside. It's raining too but not so bad. House creaking everywhere but hey, no water leaking.

This is almost like camping. No or very little electronics. Dark as heck except for the laptop monitor glow and a flashlight. Loving it :)

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