Do Not Disturb

2021-01-26 22:42:12 (UTC)


I just took a really long test today. It was so long that I almost fell asleep and I'm not even done. I gotta finish the rest tomorrow. And I only got a couple more left. Hopefully I only have two more left.

My boyfriend went live with some girl that he knows that's he says his "friend". He calls every girl his friend and I don't like that and I missed it because I was doing that stupid but I guess but important test. I wonder what they were talking about. I have trust issues and it mainly has to do with the guy that I'm in a relationship talking to other girls thinking they might have something going on.

And he has anger issues because its like everything I say about feelings wise he gets mad and say What now and stuff like that because he'll know that I'll complain so much when I'm just saying how I feel.

I'm depressed and I shouldn't be but I am and I'm drained. I'm sad and I'm drained. I wanna cry because I'm drained. I know I should be grateful for everything and that I shouldn't be all those things but who says its not okay to have feelings.

Apparently EVERYONE!!!!


( Like tina from Bob's Burger )

Hopefully my job takes my mind off of everything. And no guy is even cute at my job so that's a good thing. They were all starring at me because I was the " new girl". I finally changed my profile pic because I took a work picture with my white t-shirt and pants but I really liked it so much that I set it up as my profile so. Ha!

Also maybe if we see each other this weekend it'll be better.

We'll see.

I just realized that I've been babbling on and on and on and on because I'm so tired. Okay bye.

- A

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