2021-01-26 12:34:00 (UTC)

20 & 40 Doesn't Match#1

Dear Diary... I suppose

Where do I begin... probably at the beginning.

My name is Hannah.
I live in a small town in South Africa, working multiple accountancy jobs to contribute to mankind.

For work I get to travel a lot, between the towns and cities, which I love. Everyday is a new dawn, new obligations.
5 Years back I met a man, Maddock, 40. He works as a Medic in the local hospital in the City, a block away from where I work. I met him at a coffee shop one morning on my way to work. Ever since, we just kept in contact with the normal chit chat, how was your day-type conversations but lately, I haven't gotten a text from him in years.

I drove to the City for business on Monday morning.
Stopping by the coffee shop for the usual, when i got a text from Maddock.


"Hi, how are you doing today?", I replied. I couldn't help but feel neglected, like all of a sudden i'm good to talk to again.

"Could do better. Can we meet up?", he replied.

"On my way to work, lunch?", I was nervously excited to meet up with him again.

"Great. Usual place?", he replied.

"Yes. See you then." I replied. I get a hint of something bad but just brush it off, grabbed my coffee and was on my way to work.


It was around 1pm when I arrived at the coffee shop when I spotted him through the window.
A sight for sore eyes. He looks great, some fat from the previous years have disappeared and more muscle started to show.
Our eyes met, he waved and gestured to come into the shop.

"Hannah!, hi, how are you?" he said quite loudly, maybe too loud.

"I'm doing okay, how 'bout you?" I asked, I really wanted to know but part of me was still confused as to why we haven't spoken in 3 years.

"I'm doing alright, still a medic. Still amongst the living, so I guess that's a good thing." He smiled, but I can see that there was something off.
"Caren and I, recently got divorced." he muttered. I felt really bad for him. I met Caren once before at Maddock's annual end-of-the-year party three years back. She is in her late thirties but looking in her twenties, a lawyer but she seemed very nice and down to earth. At that time, they actually seemed very in love and happy.

"I'm so sorry to hear!", i replied, i really was. She made him happy and everyone knew it. "What happened?".

"Work got in the way, office hours got extended, basically she met someone new, at the office." He seems so sad.
"Things happen, she wanted the divorce, she is happy and I won't stand in her way."

A waiter interrupted our talk, "Would you like to order?"

"Hannah?", gesturing at me to order first.

* * *

Maddock and I talked for over and hour before I realized we both needed to get back to work.

We talked about life, some interesting medical cases, work. It was refreshing to catch up again.

When I went to give him a good bye hug, he went in for a kiss, I turned head side ways and it landed it on my cheek.
It threw me off guard. An awkward stare then follows.

"We'll talk soon." I said quickly while grabbing my bag.
"I gotta go."

"I..." was his mumble when i walked out the door.

It confused me. i never saw Maddock in such a way. A friend, yes, but more?
He is in his forties, I'm in my twenties, what was he thinking! What was I thinking!


My head was in a daze, I just could've gone home, not like I was any use at work.