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2021-01-26 05:54:20 (UTC)

Haunted with anger

Can’t sleep
Got maybe 2 solid hours the past day
I see her face
Her words and voice and the way she spoke all self righteous ring in my head

On top of it all
I thought....
I thought....
I thought I was over it.
Thought I was through it.
The hurt, the anger all building again.

Did I just stuff it all these years?

To add to the issue...
He called last night.
Said some things that I can’t get past....

We moved in too fast.....
However, I said we would be like this another 2-3 years since he did that with his ex’s.....
And he said if he had to wait 3 years he would walk away at that time....
I took that as selfish
I put everything into making this work
Till November
I shut down in December
His words still ring in my head and ears
Everything said hurtful
He’s waiting for me to get my SS money and then he wants to tie the knot
I don’t think so
I knew what he was up to

Going to make coffee
I feel the tears of my “label of mother” building finally, and I don’t want to shed a tear for her.
Not sure what to do.....

Maybe, I will cry and finally get some sleep......
I can only hope.