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2021-01-25 22:23:58 (UTC)

It Felt Like The Weeknd

9:27 pm
Woke up around 7:15 am. Got out of bed at 7:55 am and then logged into zoom at 8 am. Didn't have any questions because the review sheet wasn't posted. Im gonna work on it before class tommrow. I just need to set an alarm to wake up. The 10 plus alarms I set on my laptop didn't go off cuz my computer was sleeping. I was kinda pissed. Anyway I fininshed my other homework by 11 and then I had nothing to do until my next class at 6:30 pm. So i jerked off. Took a nap. called McDonald's. The manager courtney said she was sending the calls out today. Didn't get a call. she said she wanted to hire me, but she also said she didn;t had a lot of overnight workers. So it's up in the air. I'm gonna call Wednesday and ask her if I got the job. If not then I'm screwed. Not really I got enough saved up to be fine.I'm thinking if i don't get the job I'll just work 2 jobs in the summer so i can get the AirBNB thingy u in the air. I wanna be making $5000 a month a year and a half from now. Eventually wanna make $10000/mo. Make 2.5 years. We'll see though. But I'm happy it was good proctective day.
Went to Dollar Tree to get some chapstick and then came back and eatched the office. I fucking love this show man. its so funny. After my 6:30 class pm. I worked out a little and then shpwered. Got my Marycrest Pizza. It was even better cuz I asked for it a little bit crisy. I got the same thing.
Goodnight Ladies and Gentleman ✌