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2021-01-25 02:31:36 (UTC)

Trying to break free of the mould.

I did manage to wake up early today. I know it is nothing to boast of but just the simple thought of breaking the shackels of the same hum drum life of last nearly eight months gave me a tremendous sense of acheiement.

The day went by as normal. The painting work for the outside of our house has started. It is the third day today. T is feeling happy about it as she wanted to have it done for a long time now.

Dittu, who was our PG in 2018, came this afternoon. He is taking our other flat on PG basis for probably a year. It was a stroke of good luck as the previous tenants had left sometime back in September and has been vacant since than.

Today I could also start work on my book that I have been wanting to write for a a long time.

BO's appointment letter is a nagging worry at the back of my head. Do not know when its going to come. She has also been going thorough tension because of it but not showing it. I hope it comes soon.