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2021-01-26 02:16:30 (UTC)

Whose soul is really getting exposed here? (Early Days)

Im spoiling you all today but in order to get this bit in before the end of my 3 day trigger warning I put into place I needed to post twice today.
This is a continuation of exposing the soul just FYI. Anyway here we go I guess.........................................................................

“Did I hear that right” a yawn came from the door leading to the bedroom. The professor was standing there in boxers looking sexy as fuck. “You don’t think you are good enough hell I have been doing a piss poor job if that is truly what you feel”
“mon ami I am sorry did we wake you?” Aj stood and walked to him. He nodded and said “It’s ok I was just missing my little kitten and wanted to see where she got off to”. Aj now beside him embraced him and whispered something to him. He nodded and turned back to the bedroom. Aj turned to me and smiled “Come ma petite let us show you how special you are” I hesitated “I promise we won’t fuck you tonight let us just hold you trust me” I nodded and sat my tea cup down on the table. I stepped into him and he wrapped his arm around my waist and smiled down at me. “Thank you my slice of heaven.”
The professor was laying in bed and he rolled to his side and held out his hand. Aj let go of me so I could go to him. I crawled in and he laid me on my back. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear “You are way more than good enough for me kitten you always will be more than enough and more than I will ever deserve” He snuggled into me and Aj crawled into bed.
“It’s true this bastard doesn’t deserve you but for some reason you decided he was the one you wanted.” Aj snuggled into my other side and leaned into my neck as my professor gave him room on the front of my body for his hands. “You both are more than I deserve but I need you to know that night when we looked up at the stars I told you the truth you make me feel things I never thought I could.” The professor joined him where his mouth as and I saw them both inches from each other “I am going to hold on to you both for ever and ever” Aj touched the side of the professors face. This as a confession not just to me but to him. These two were more than just friends, way more.

“ Me too nothing and nobody else is worth a moment of my time but you two, especially you my little kitten. I don’t want you to think for even a second that you aren’t not good enough or that one of us is going to go away”.
Aj chuckled “That would be a very funny thing indeed if that thought wasn’t so heartbreaking” I looked at Aj who was now tracing the hip of my professor. “Neither of us is an unfaithful kind of man sadly we find something we want and we fixate on it for the rest of our lives”.
“fuck no You are the only person and the only kitten for me, forever you know that” The professor leaned in to kiss me. Aj stopped him and turned his face to look at him “Oh mon Ami you wound me, be honest here in this moment you have it bad for both of us face it” The professor smiled but stayed silent. Aj smiled at us both. “This is heaven I could die right now and I would go happy. That is major for a man like me -A- you need to know that. I have done unspeakable things and god knows I don’t deserve either of you but for some reason I was blessed the day we both saw you the first time.”