Being Sam
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2021-01-25 20:56:51 (UTC)

YAY! Then took it away

This morning we got the definite confirmation we needed for Completion on the house sale going ahead on 29th. Dean was giddy, I was giddy, everything felt pretty awesome because we could take a breath and know it was happening and nothing else needed to be changed.
Then we got copied into a few emails between our estate agent and our solicitor and suddenly, its only a 50/50 chance that it will go ahead on Friday because the seller has submitted a wrong form.
Honestly I could cry. This leaving it all to the last minute thing is not working for me at all and my chest hurts I feel that stressed. I HATE not knowing what's happening. Theyre saying it could just be a typo/misunderstanding and it will all be fine, or it could be that the builder has lied and hasn't had our house checked with planning regulations or whoever and we'll need to wait a few weeks for some kind of surveyor to go out. I REALLY hope it's the first option because we're sooooo close! It's also pissed me off that we got a yes its definitely happening and now we're back to not knowing.

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