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2021-01-25 15:06:03 (UTC)

Pea anserinus

I was very well determined like never before to lose weight before my birthday... I ran and walked for 1 hr and then follwed very well diet but but butttt strong to my strong bad luck hovering my life I got a Pea anserinus is a knee swell because of run. dammnnnnnn... am at rest cant do nothing at all. no cooking, cant go out, cant stand for long time tooo fuck yaar... now am on rest total rest. whyyy the hell is all this happening with me. negative energy had enveloped me and not want me to do anything good. mom has to do everything poor momma
in such situation i miss that bastard.. I dream of him beside me pampering me, loving and caring me and then I feel good. not a single day goes without missing him. does he miss me??? he has disappeared like I said last time. phewww...... pray for me diary..... I should probably be fine in 10 days.....erggg...