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2021-01-25 13:26:38 (UTC)


welp, i've read one of my old entries and found out what is wrong with me, i've been trying to make my myself be understood with people, I usually speak like i'm high even if i'm completely sober, because I mostly spent my time alone so I never really cared about filtering and all those stuff. Ifeel like I got a tumor on my pre-developed frontal lobe, like it's developing but it's one big fucking tumor and I really inside that tumor is one big parasyte telling me to go do the bad stuff, yeah tryna put my blame unto something else. yeah so, it was my first time actually listening to the lyrics of mgmt-alien days, idk it just comes to pop up in my mind and i've got nothing else to do fuck the meaning was so good but my tumor growing big so goodnight update tommorow i guess