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2021-01-24 23:49:08 (UTC)

Disappointed in people. smh ๐Ÿ˜ 

I rarely ask for favors. Rarely!! So when I do ask, it's because I really can't do it myself. At least not at the moment and not without me having to go through so many hoops myself to get something simple done. But I asked a good friend and was disappointed tonight. In fact, not only was I disappointed but said person also came over to take some of the stuff I was giving away in an attempt to purge more stuff in the house but didn't have time to drop off a box I needed dropped off to my other friend. Won't fit in my truck because I have that hard tonneau cover on it.

This is why I rarely ask and always depend on myself to get things done. Pfffft! hehe. Sometimes I forget. People can be flakey at times. Ok, lesson learned. I didn't get upset or yell at that person. But it does mean I'm not going to hang out with this person for awhile. Don't deserve to hang with me if you're just gonna think of yourself.