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Milo Murphy's Law: Prom Night (7,426 wds)

Prom Night
D’Arc Tangent

“Over, and around, and through, then pull.” Mrs. Murphy said, as she tied Milo’s bowtie, “All set for the prom.” then standing back, she looked at her son, smiled, and said, “You look so grown up.”

“Thanks mom.” Milo said, as he slipped on his tuxedo jacket and picked up the container with the corsage in it, “The limo should be here soon.”

“You and your friends have a wonderful time.” she said, “Remember, there is no curfew tonight, but do come home safe.” Bridgette Murphy always worried about her young son. The next descendant in the line of Edward A. Murphy, the namesake of the infamous “Murphy’s Law”, so she was well aware that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, around him, or his father, and tonight she was doubly worried as Prom Night did not generally afford him the luxury of his trusty backpack, which carried all the items he could possibly need to circumvent Murphy’s Law.

The two short bleats from the limo outside alerted Milo that his friends were here. Looking out the window he could see his long-time friend, Melissa Chase, standing up through the sunroof in the limo.

“Hey Milo!” she called out, “We have to pick up Zack and Lydia, get a move-on!”

Milo clutched the corsage in his hand and ran down the stair and out to the waiting limo.

“Nice.” he said, climbing into the seat opposite Melissa, who was going stag tonight.

Melissa sat back in the seat, arms stretched out on either side, legs crossed at the knees as she said, “I can get used to this.”

It was just before noon when Amanda Lopez was getting ready for the prom. It wasn’t that she needed the time to prepare, being the hyper-efficient you woman she was, but she was head of the decorating committee and as such, knew she would not have time to get ready after she was done with the decorating, so she had her blue satin dress in its protective sleeve, her black stockings and garter, lace panties and bra and the glitzy blue pumps were in her knapsack, and finally, started to count out a number of condoms, to be safe, then decided to error on the side of caution and just dumped the whole box in her knapsack.

“Better safe than sorry.” she said aloud, zipped up her bag, grabbed her dress, and headed off to school.

Lydia’s father dropped her off in front of Zack’s house.

“You are going to be alright?” her father said, as Lydia reached for the door, “You got cab fare if you need it?”

“Yes daddy.” She said.

“Then have a good time sweetie.” he said, then kissed her head as Lydia opened the door and exited to the sidewalk in front of Zack’s house and walked up to the door as her father waited until he was sure she was safe inside.

Mrs. Underwood opened the door almost before Lydia had the opportunity to knock and invited her in, and as the door closed behind her, Lydia could hear her father’s car driving away.

Lydia stood in the doorway; her calf-length yellow dress hugged her lithe frame. Years of dance had given her a highly flexible body, and she liked letting people get a hint of what she was capable of.

“Lydia,” Mrs. Underwood said, “Come in. Zack will be down in a moment. Let me get my camera.”

“Mom!” Zack said as he descended the staircase, “Please, you’re embarrassing me.”

“Oh let her have her fun Zack.” Lydia said, “Besides, you should never pass on a Photo Op.”

“Wow Lydia, you look beautiful.” Zack said as he quickly closed the distance between them, “This, is for you, but it pales in comparison to your beauty.” as he opened the corsage box and proceeded to pin the flower on Lydia’s dress.

“Thank you.” Lydia said, to both the compliment, and the flower, and kissed him lightly on the cheek as Zack’s mother had them pose for pictures. She was still taking pictures when the Limo sounded its horn to let Zack and Lydia know it was here. She was still following behind them taking pictures as they made their way to the limo.

“Gotta go mom.” Zack said, as he opened the door for Lydia, and the two of them entered the limo, Lydia sitting next to Melissa, and Zack sitting next to Milo.

“Nice dress Melissa.” Lydia said.

“You too.” Melissa replied, “Not leaving much for Zack to imagine, are you?” she jested.

“You know I am right here, right?” Zack said.

“Milo, how close to the school are we?” Lydia asked, and waited for Milo to look out the windows before she pulled her dress to her knees and spread her legs to show Zack that she was not wearing panties and had a freshly smooth pussy.”

“Oh My God!” Zack whisper-exclaimed as Milo said, “Looks like we are almost there Lydia …" then upon hearing Zack’s exclamation turned back as Lydia was puller dress back down over her knees, “What?” Milo asked as he looked over to Zack.

“Nothing, Milo, I just didn’t know we were so close.” Zack tried to cover his shock even as Melissa and Lydia high-fived Zack’s reaction.

At the Murphy home, Sarah, Milo’s older sister, was getting ready to meet her boyfriend, collectively referred to as Neil from the Comic Shop since he has worked there for the last three years. Having graduated a few years earlier, they had volunteered to be chaperones for the party, joining Miss Murowski and Mr. Drako. Sarah was just walking down the stairs when the doorbell rang.

“I got it mom!” Sarah shouted as she reached for the doorknob. Sarah opened the door to see her boyfriend Neil from the comic shop.

“Wow, do you ever look beautiful.” Neil said as Sarah opened the door.

“You don’t look so bad either. You should dress up more often.” Sarah replied, then over her shoulder shouted out, “Heading out now mom. See you later.”

“Keep an eye out for your bother. He won’t have his backpack tonight.” Bridgette called as the two left the house.

Amanda Lopez stood in the doorway of the school gymnasium, and took in her masterpiece. As head of the Prom Decorating Committee, this was her baby, and it was beautiful. After making a final scan of the room, she looked at her watch.

“Just enough time to get ready.” she said to herself, and headed to the girl's locker room.

Amanda opened the travel case that held her dress, and hung it on a hook close to the showers to let the steam straighten out any creases that may have occurred in transit, then placed her makeup kit on the sink, and started to undress. She slid her blue jeans over her hips, and let them pool at her feet, before stepping out of the coarse fabric, then pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it onto the pile of denim. She undid her white push-up bra, and slipped out of her white cotton panties, and socks. Making sure everything was secured in her bag, Amanda proceeded to shower. The hot water washed away all the worries she had about the Prom Settings, and the trepidation she was feeling about her night with Milo. For years she had endured “Murphy’s Law”, with various levels of success, and Milo’s ability to circumvent the disaster that was his life was nothing less than astounding, but he would not have his backpack tonight, and there were just too many things that could go wrong, but she knew Sarah and Neil would be there, two people who were equally or more so, aware of the situation, and were probably ready for anything. The only thing that worried her was after the prom, when they were alone, like she planned. At that point, everything fell onto her shoulders to make sure nothing went awry. As Amanda finished her shower, and ran the towel over her creamy café au lait skin, she allowed herself to imagine Milo patting her dry, his skillful hands caressing her body, touching her in those most intimate places, until she realized that it was getting late, and she still needed to do her hair and makeup.

Amanda finished drying her hair, then styled it in something simple, tied back with a blue ribbon that matched her dress, slipped on her stockings and garter, black lacey thong, and lacey bralette before slipping into her dress, and finishing her makeup. People were already starting to enter the Gym as she stashed her dirty clothes in her locker for retrieval in the morning, and went out to meet the guests.

Miss Murawski and Mr. Drako were already there, looking very sharp, and as she greeted them, she could see Sarah and Neil coming in the doors as well, and she felt safer about the night already.

“Miss Murawski, Mr. Drako, it is good to see you both her tonight.” Amanda Lopez said, as Sarah and Neil arrived, “And Sarah, and Neil, glad you could chaperone as well. This must bring you back to your prom.”

“You did a wonderful job Amanda.” Sarah said.

“Definitely better than the one at my school.” Neil added.

“Yes, Miss Lopez,” Mr. Drako said, in his eastern European accent, “Very well done my dear.”

“Thank You, Mr. Drako.” Amanda acknowledged, “Now if you will excuse me, people are starting to arrive, and I should be there to greet them.” and as Amanda left, Sarah leaned into Neil and said, “She has to greet,” air quotes, “People?” then finished with “Or person?”

“And we are confident that Milo will make it?” Neil added.

“He is in a limo, with Zack, Melissa and Lydia. I think we can be safe, well, as safe as anything with Milo can be.” Sarah answered.

Far below the school, a strange figure moved through the sewers, his headlamp the only light source in these dank and dark tunnels and as he stopped at a ladder he said, “Well Mildred, I don’t think I have ever been in these tunnels before, where do you think this ladder goes?”

The milk carton with the face drawn on it said nothing, but Scott the Undergrounder said, “Well of course if I go up, I will know, I just wanted your opinion is all.” and Scott started to climb the ladder.

Mort Schaeffer, Chad Van Coff, and Bradley Nicholson entered together, and were greeted by Amanda.

“Mort, Chad, Bradley, so nice you could make it, I do hope you have a good time.”

Bradley was looking past Amanda, as if he was looking for something, when he said apparently to no one in particular, but definitely talking to Amanda, “So is Milo here yet?” then taking in the immaculate landscape before him, “I guess not.”

“Still, I hope you will all enjoy yourselves this evening.” Amanda said, diplomatically hiding her annoyance at the slur to her boyfriend as she stepped aside to let the young men in.

From the door, Amanda could see a long black limousine pull up and her beat faster as she first saw Zack Underwood and Lydia climb out of the car because she knew what was going to happen next, and that was her friend, Melissa Chase exiting, following by Milo Murphy.

As Milo stepped out of the Limo, it inexplicitly lurched forward, causing Milo to fall forward, the small container in his hand flying into the air as Zack, hearing the lurching vehicle, spun around with Lydia in his arm, pulling her unexpectedly into a dip as she reached out and caught the corsage as it fell from the sky.

“Sorry!” the Limo driver called from the front seat, “the brakes slipped. Everyone alright back there?”

“All good!” Milo called back as he shut the door, and moments later the car was gone.

As Milo walked up to the door, Amanda was standing there, her hands to her mouth in shock as Milo said, “I thought this was the most beautiful thing I have seen. Apparently, I was wrong.” as he opened the container containing the corsage.

“Oh Milo, it’s beautiful. Thank you.” Amanda said as she held her arm out for Milo to slip the flower onto her wrist, then kissed him softly on the lips in gratitude.

The four friends entered the gymnasium, letting Sarah and Neil to greet the guests coming in.

About a half hour into the dance, Amanda was feeling thirsty.

“Milo, could you get me some punch?” she asked, and Milo moved toward the refreshment table. Zack joined him to get a drink for him and Lydia, and Melissa was already standing there, taking in the various males who showed up without dates.

“Hey Guys!” she called out as Zack and Milo approached the table, “Punch?”

“Hey Melissa,” Milo answered, “Yes, thank you.”

“Hey Melissa,” Zack said, as she handed him two plastic cups of punch, “Thank you.”

Melissa turned to fill two more cup for Milo, when the table holding the cups shifted, and one leg buckled, dropping the stack of plastic cups to the floor. Miss Murawski and Mr. Drako came up behind Melissa.

“I will fix the table.” Mr. Drako said.

“I think there are more cups in the storage room.” Miss Murawski said, and headed across the Gym.

“Oh, I think there are still a few cups next to the punch bowl.” Melissa said, and she filled two for Milo. Handing them to her friend, she said, “Say hi to Amanda for me.” as Milo walked away.

“Will do Melissa.” he said as he moved into the crowd.

Miss Murawski walked into a storage room on the far side of the Gym, and closed the door behind her. As she opened a box of plastic cups, she did not hear the door clicking locked until she tried to open the door to get out. As she banged on the door to get someone’s attention, a trap door in the floor opened up and Scott the Undergrounder climbed out.

“Well, hello.” Scott said as he climbed out of the trap door, “I did not expect anyone up here.”

“Scott!” Mis Murawski exclaimed as he climbed into the room, “Well, it looks like I am locked in here. I am sure someone will come along to open the door soon.”

“Well, I should be heading back to the tunnels then. Nice to see you again.”

As Scott lifted the trap door, Miss Murawski placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I think it is going to be a little while until someone notices I am gone, and I was wondering if …" and as she was talking, she unhooked the clasp of her dress and let the dress fall to the ground, “It has been a long time since I have been with anyone.” and she unclasped her black lace bra and dropped it to the floor.

Scott looked dumbfounded at her actions, but the sight of Murawski’s naked breasts had the correct reaction in his pants. Scott unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the floor as Murawski slid out of her panties, and kneeled before Scott to pull his underwear down. She didn’t bother with his shirt, she just grabbed his penis and thrust it into her mouth as Scott succumbed to the sensation of her mouth and tongue.

Her mouth could easily detect his arousal, and as she recognized his readiness, she stopped sucking on him, and laid back on the floor, spreading her legs, and running her fingers across her bush, and fingering her slit.

“Take me Scott. Take me like you have always wanted, like I have always needed.”

Scott did not waste any time. He spread her legs open further and plunged himself deep inside Miss Murawski, feeling the warm slickness of her arousal. His coarse and callused hands caressed her breasts as he kissed her lips while thrusting into her in an ever-increasing tempo.

Murawski arched her back as she came while feeling Scott filling her up, and she had to bit her lower lip to stop from screaming her ecstasy. The two lay there, on the floor, as Scott’s erection slowly slid out of Murawski, and they were both breathless, panting, as their bodies hummed with the sensation of their love-making. Finally, Murawski said, “I think you should go now Scott, but,” and she kissed him passionately on the mouth, “Thank you. I really needed that.”

Scott stood up and pulled on his pants again, “No, thank you. I know I am not what most people consider boyfriend material, but thank you for giving me this.” and then he opened the trap door, and entered the sewers.

Miss Murawski quickly dressed, not knowing exactly how long she had been in the room, and as she was straightening out her dress, the door sprung open.

“Miss Murawski?” Melissa said, as she opened the door to peer in.

“Oh Melissa, thank you. The door locked behind me, and I was pounding for help. The music must have been too loud.”

“Sorry to be so late. Are you alright?” then she took a deep breath and said, “What is that smell?”

“This is a store room for the gym.” Murawski said, “I can only guess what you are smelling here. Anyway, thank you for saving me and here are the extra cups.” as she pulled a box down from the shelf.

Melissa and Miss Murawski entered the Gym with the box of cups and headed to the restored table as they passed Milo and Amanda.

“Thank you, Miss Murawski.” Amanda said as she moved to help put the cups on the table. As Amanda helped Miss Murawski set the cups on the table, Melissa asked Milo where Zack had gone.

“I don’t know.” he said, “Lydia took his hand and led him away, I didn’t see where they went.”

Looking across the Gym, Melissa said, “Well played Lydia.” she said softly, and Milo asked, “What was that?”

“Oh, nothing Milo. Anyway, I think I will head back to the drink table, so Amanda can come back and dance with you.”

“Thank You Melissa.” Milo said as Melissa moved away, and was soon replaced by his date.

“Where are we going?” Zack asked, as Lydia led him out of the gym and down the hall to the locker rooms.

As Zack walked into what he soon realized were the girl's locker room, he said, “Why are we here?’ as he suddenly heard Lydia lock the door.

“I thought we could do with a little privacy.” Lydia said as she hoisted herself onto a ledge where the girls would put their bags as they changed, “Now, come over here.” she beckoned as she wiggled one hooked finger in his directions.

Lydia pulled her dress up to bunch at her waist and exposed her naked vagina to Zack. “I know that mouth can make beautiful music, now let us see if you can coax some very pleasing sounds out of me.”

Lydia coved closer to the edge and spread her legs wider to accommodate Zack’s head between her legs, and Zack opened her up with his fingers and covered her with his mouth. His tongue slid inside her, and Lydia gurgled a response as his tongue entered her. “Fuck Zack, that’s the spot.” she managed to croak out as her body convulsed. She held his head to her, not wanting him to stop. And Zack continued to lick her clit, and drive his tongue into her pussy, as Lydia lifted her dress up over her head to sit there, in nothing but her thing white bra. Hands behind her for support as Zack had his way with her.

Sarah and Neil were standing next to the room where all the coats were being stored, and looked out over the Gym. The dance was still going pretty strong, and thankfully Murphy’s Law had not reared its head in a while.

“Do you see the teachers?” Neil asked, and Sarah scanned the room, “Yes, Mr. Drako is standing by the exit, and I see Miss Murawski by the punch bowl, why?” Sarah asked.

Neil opened the door to the cloak room, and pulled Sarah into it. Looking out over the room, he saw that everyone was busy dancing, talking, or drinking punch, then dragged Sarah deeper into the room, and behind the racks that held the coats.

“Why Neil.” Sarah teased, “Whatever are you doing?” and the twinkle in her eyes told him she knew exactly what he was doing. Neil undid his belt, and pulled down his pants, and his underwear, and gently pushed Sarah against the wall of the cloak room. Sarah pulled up her dress, and reached for Neil’s dick, then sliding her panties out of the way, she rubbed the erect head against her vagina, stimulating herself as she wrapped one leg around him for stability.

As Neil thrust into her, Sarah gasped, but tried to keep her volume low so as to not arouse suspicion, but each thrust made it that much harder to keep herself quiet. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust, and she bit her lower lip, or buried her face into Neil’s neck as he pounded his erection into her hot, wet slit.

Lydia was gasping for air as Zack continued to eat her out, until finally she pushed him away, panting, sweating, her hair plastered to her face she jumped down from the ledge and lay on one of the benches.

“Do it Zack!” she said, he legs spread, “In my purse, there is a condom. Put it on, and take me. I need you in me.”

The purse was still on the ledge where Zack had just been eating her out and inside was a long ribbon of condom pouches. He pulled one off, and opened it. Quickly undressing, he slid the condom on and leaned over Lydia, who was waiting expectantly for him, her cunt dripping with her arousal, and he slid inside her easily.

“Holy fuck your huge!” she called out, trying to keep her volume low as Zack started to thrust inside her.

Zack slid his hands under Lydia’s ass to lift her up, so he could go deeper, and her gasps as he drove himself deeper into her confirmed he was doing it right.

Milo and Amanda were slow dancing, which offered fewer possibilities of Murphy’s Law coming into effect, and as the song was finishing, Milo looked around.

“Where is everyone?” he asked, and Amanda looked around.

“Well, Mort and Brad are over by the corner, and Chad is still stalking Mr. Drako.”

“But where are Zack and Lydia?” he asked, and I think I saw Sarah by the cloak room, but now she is gone too.”

“It’s a big gymnasium,” Amanda said, “and an even bigger school. I am sure they are somewhere.” Amanda replied, “Oh, and here is Melissa, hello Melissa, are you having a good time?”

“Hi Amanda, Milo, yes, I have been dancing with all kinds of people, and enjoying myself, where are Zack and Lydia?”

“Hi guys!” Zack said, as he and Lydia joined the group.”

“Zack!” Milo said, “We were just wondering where you had gotten to.”

“Oh, you know, just mingling, right Lydia?” Zack said, and Lydia held tightly to him as she said, “Yes, mingling.”

“There's that smell again.” Melissa said.

“What smell?” Milo asked.

“When I found Miss Murawski locked in the store room, I smelled something strong, and she said it must just be gym smells, but now, with Zack and Lydia, I smell it again.”

“Well,” Lydia said, blushing a little as she looked down at her feet, then back up to meet Melissa’s gaze, “I gave Zack a tour of the girl’s locker room. Maybe that is what you smell?”

“Maybe.” Melissa said, but her conviction was not present in the statement.

“Well guys, it has been a fun evening, but I have to get Lydia home, Milo, I relinquish the limo to you and Amanda. Have a good night.” Zack said, as he and Lydia left the Gym.

As Zack and Lydia left, Sarah and Neil showed up, breathing heavy. “Hey Milo, I talked to Mr. Drako, and he said Neil and I can leave early. You alright for getting home?”

“Yes, Zack gave me the Limo for the rest of the night, but why are you all pink and heaving?”

“And where have you been?” Melissa said, “You have the same, “and she AIR QUOTED “Gym smell that everyone else has.”

“Oh, that.” Neil said, “We were in the cloak room, getting jackets for someone, and I think they stored the old gym towels in there, I had to move a big cart of wet towels.”

“Yes,” Sarah added, “Wet towels. You think they would have emptied that before the dance.”

“I will have a talk with the janitorial staff on Monday.” Amanda said, “They promised me the rooms would be empty for the dance.”

“Oh, no, don’t do that!” Sarah interjected quickly, “I mean, it was not really a big deal. I mean, there is no reason to get anyone in trouble over such a small oversight.”

“Right!” Neil added, “I mean, it wasn’t a big deal. Seriously. In fact, totally forget we said anything. Nothing was amiss. Nothing at all.”

“Alright, if you think I shouldn’t …" Amanda was saying when both Sarah and Neil blurted, “Totally. I don’t want anyone getting in trouble for something so frivolous.”

Sarah and Neil exchanged knowing glances, then Sarah kissed her brother on the head, and said, “Be safe.” and her and Neil left the dance as well.

Amanda looked around the Gym, and noticed that people were starting to thin out.

“Milo, I have to talk to Mr. Drako for a moment. Be a dear and get me another cup of punch.” and she kissed him on the cheek and left, as Milo replied, “Sure Amanda.” and headed to the drink table.

As Amanda approached Mr. Drako, Miss Murawski joined them, “Amanda, wonderful dance, I have had a blast. I feel like a teenager myself.” she said.

“Thank You, Miss Murawski.” Amanda said, “Is it alright if Milo and I leave now? I know you let Sarah and Neil go early, so I did not want to leave you short-handed.”

“Don’t worry your pretty head.” Mr. Drako said, “We have volunteers to help us.”

“Yes,” Miss Murawski said, “You are young, go, enjoy your time. I am sure you and Milo have something better to do than hang around with us old fuddy-duddies.” and she winked at Amanda, who looked down at her feet for a moment, smiling, then all serious again, she looked at the two teachers and said, “Thank You.” and Amanda went to find Milo, who was just walking across the Gym with her drink.

“Hey Amanda.” Milo said as he handed her the drink, “Is everything alright?”

Amanda took the drink, and downed it in one gulp, then took Milo’s hand and dragged him out of the gym, saying, “Everything is perfect.” and as she passed the garbage can, dropped her empty cup and headed for the limo.

Melissa watched as Milo and Amanda left, and most of her other friends had left, and she helped clean up some of the trash that was left behind when she noticed Mort Schaefer standing alone. Her curiosity about this evening was eating at her, so she approached her friend and band mate.

“Mort!” Melissa called, and as she took his hand she said, “Come with me, I want to test a theory.”

“Sure Melissa, what do you need?” Mort replied as he was dragged down the hall into the girl's locker room

“Uh, Melissa, this is the girl's locker room.” Mort said as he looked around nervously.

“Mort, what do you smell here?” Melissa asked as she, too, took a deep breath.

“Nothing?” Mort said, confused.

“That’s what I thought, now take your clothes off.”

“Say what?” Mort said, as he noticed Melissa was starting to undo the clasp on her dress.

Mort’s mouth dropped open as the satiny fabric flowed down Melissa’s body and pooled at her feet. As she stood there in her white cotton bra and panties, she said, “What are you waiting for?” and she started to unclasp her bra and slide it off.

Mort made haste in catching up to her, shrugging out of his jacket, and undoing just enough buttons on his shirt that he could pull it over his head. As he slid out of his pants, Melissa slid out of her panties, and lay on the bench by the lockers.

“Get over here Mort.” she said as she spread her legs open, the glistening pink slit exposed to him, and his eagerness to participate becoming quite apparent.

Mort moved to the bench between her legs, and leaned forward to kiss Melissa.

“Whoa! Hey cowboy, this is not what you think.” Melissa said as she pushed him away, “This is not a date, this is just research.”

“So you don’t want to …" Mort started to say.

“This is just me proving a point, Mort.” Melissa said, then noticing the hurt look on his face, she added, “Look, Mort, you are a great guy, and I like you, just not, that way. But as a friend, and as a friend, I want you to fuck me. Can you do that, and not make it weird?”

“Sure Melissa,” Mort said, “No strings. I can do this.” and he positioned himself over Melissa’s waiting pussy, and slowly slid inside.

Melissa could feel herself stretching to accommodate Mort’s manhood, which was far bigger than she expected, and the sharp pain as he pierced her virginity made Melissa bite her bottom lip, then, after the pain, was warmth, and pleasure, and arousal. Each thrust sent electricity through her body, and each time Mort drew back, the sensation tingled across her flesh. She could feel the sweat oozing from her pores, and the slap of Mort’s body against hers was the same rhythm as her heart pounding in her ears. Finally, Mort could not hold back any longer, and he exploded in her, filling Melissa with the warmth of his seed.

Melissa’s head was swimming. She had never experienced anything like that in her life. The pleasure, was almost more than she could bare. She lay there, Mort’s body pressed against hers, and she panted from the exertion. More began to rise, not really sure what was going on when Melissa grabbed him, pulled him down to her, and kissed him hard and long.

“Fuck Mort, I never knew it could be like that. That was incredible.”

“Thank You?” Mort said, quizzically, “So, did you figure out your problem?”

“Problem?” Melissa said, then suddenly, “Problem, right, sorry, wait a moment.” and she sniffed the air, then said, “Mort, do you smell that?”

Mort sniffed the air, and said, “I dunno, smells like sweat, and, I’m not sure what else. I have never smelled anything like that.”

“I know, right?” Melissa said, “I have been smelling that all night. From Miss Murawski. Zack and Lydia, and even Sarah and Neil from the comic shop.”

“Do you think they were having sex?” Mort concluded.

“Well, we did, and this is the smell, and I get Zack and Lydia, and Sarah and Neil, but who was Miss Murawski having sex with in the supply closet?”

“Mr. Drako?” Mort said.

“Eww, no, besides, he was helping set the table right again.”

“There is a passage to the sewers,” Mort said, “Chad and Brad and I found it last year, could someone have come up from the sewers, or Miss Murawski have …"

“Scott the Undergrounder!” Melissa said, “They dated a few years ago, maybe they hooked up?”

“I guess there is just so much loving she can get from her desk.” Mort said, recalling how much Miss Murawski loved the desk she crafted by hand all those years ago.

As Zack and Lydia left the school, there was a cab waiting, and Lydia flagged it down and hustled Zack into the back. She reached over the seat of the cab and slipped the driver a note.

“Take us here, and keep your eyes forward.” She told the driver. As she returned to her seat, Zack looked at her, and said, “What are you up to baby?”

Lydia laid back on the seat of the cab, and pulled her dress to her hips, exposing her bare pussy to Zack, then, mouthing the words, so that the driver did not hear, she said, “Eat me.”

Zack looked at the driver, who, as instructed, was focused on the road ahead, then at Lydia who was spreading her legs wider in anticipation, when Zack decided, “Fuck It.” and bent his face down between Lydia’s legs.

Milo and Amanda’s limousine pulled up to the Danville Hotel, and the valet came and opened the door for them.

“Welcome to the Danville Hotel” the valet said, “May I take your bags?”

“They are in the trunk.” Amanda said as she signaled the driver to open the trunk of the limo.

“When did you pack these?” Milo asked, as the Valet gathered the two overnight bags from the vehicle.

“I had your mother prepare your bag, then had Melissa load it, and mine, when the car picked her up.”

“look at you, always prepared.” Milo commented as he kissed her cheek.

Amanda blushed at the compliment, and said, “You made me step up my game. Murphy’s Law taught me to make sure everything ran smoothly, no matter what.”

As Milo stepped into the hotel room that Amanda had booked for them, he said, “And what are you hoping goes smooth tonight?” as he tuned to face Amanda, who backed into the door, until she heard the click of the lock as she said, “This.”

Amanda then stalked across the room like a panther until she reached where Milo stood, and pushed him back onto the bed. As Milo dragged himself upward on the bed, Amanda climbed atop him, her legs straddling his body, and her dress, hiked up enough to allow her legs freedom, and she pulled the pins from her hair, letting it flow over her shoulders as she leaned forward to kiss her boyfriend.

Sarah and Neil from the comic shop arrived at Neil’s apartment, and as the couple entered the small room, Neil flipped on the light, bathing Sarah in the soft glow of the lamp.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Sarah.” Neil said, as he took her in his arms.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, in your spiffy, ‘Sunday go to church’ clothes.” and she snuggled closer into his arms, “This feels so wonderful.”

“If you like this,” Neil said, as he pulled away slightly, “how about this?” and he kissed her neck, then her shoulder.

“Oh yes,” Sarah purred as Neil slid the strap of her dress over her shoulder, and kissed further along.

“Yes, oh god yes.” Sarah said as Neil slipped the other strap off her other shoulder, and then he kissed her lips with a fiery passion as his fingers slid down the zipper at the back of her dress, letting the fabric catch between their pressed bodies. As Neil stopped kissing Sarah so he could take off his jacket, Sarah’s dress pooled at her feet, leaving the lacey red bra and panties, stockings and garter. She stepped out of her shoes and Neil pulled off the black turtleneck sweater he was wearing and undid his belt.

Sarah unhooked her bra, and dropped it to the floor with her dress, and unhooked the garters as Neil slipped out of his dress pants. Sitting in a nearby chair, Saraha rolled her stocking down her legs as Neil removed his socks. Sarah then stood up the slid her garter belt over her hips, and almost in unison, Srah slipped out of her red lace panties as Neil slipped off his Dr. Zone Boxers.

“Nice touch.” Sarah said as he slipped out of his shorts, “Now …" and she took his hand and lead him into his bedroom, and closed the door.

“We are here miss.” The cabbie said, as Zack lifted his head from between Lydia’s legs.

“Where?” Zack said, looking around as Lydia returned to a sitting position, and straightened out her dress.

She fished some cash out of her purse, and said, “Thank You.” to the cabbie, then the two exited the car and walked to the admission office of the Super 8 motel in south Danville.

“Reservations under Zack and Lydia Underwood.” Lydia said, as she approached the desk. The clerk sized the two of them up, and Zack looked a little nervous, but he passed them the key.

“Room 106.” he said, then, “Check-out is at eleven.”

“Thank you.” Lydia said as she took the key and led Zack out into the parking lot toward their room.

“You had this planned all along?” Zack said as Lydia led him into their motel room.

“It’s prom night, I was not going to let this chance slip away.” Lydia said as the door clicked behind her, “Now, get naked lover.” she said.

Amanda filled the hot tub in the room, and started to undress.

“Are you waiting for something Milo?” Amanda said as she let her dress fall to the ground.

“Not at all.” Milo replied as he finally clued into the whole situation, and took his jacket off, and draped it over the back of the chair. Amanda stepped out of her dress, and took off her shoes, and Milo removed his cummerbund and bowtie. Amanda turned her back to Milo, and said, “Unhook me?”

Milo undid the clasps on Amanda’s bra, and she pulled it off her shoulders, and dropped it to the floor. “Don’t stop there.” she said as she turned to face her boyfriend, and Milo dropped to his knees and slowly slid her panties over her hips. As the neatly trimmed bush appeared, Milo covered her with his mouth, as Amanda balanced herself to let him slide her panties over her feet while his tongue slid inside her.

Amanda hugged Milo’s head for support as her legs started to get week from his mouth working her, until finally she said, “Let us get into the tub.” and Milo stop eating her so he could finish undressing and the two climbed into the hot tub.

Mort and Melissa had just finished dressing after their experiment when Melissa looked into Mort’s eyes and said, “What did you think of the experiment?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Melissa.” Mort replied.

“Did you like it?”

“It was awesome, but then you are awesome, and I have always liked you Melissa, but you said no strings, right?”

“Right, no string.” Melissa said, then looking down at her feet, she said, “Do you want to do it again”

“Here?” Mort asked.

“No.” Melissa said, “Maybe you can take me to your house? I know what I said, about not liking you, that way, but, I dunno, it was good, really good, and if you wouldn’t mind, I think maybe we can do that again? I will even let you kiss me this time.”

“You’re serious?” Mort asked.

Melissa stood on her toes to reach Mort, and kissed him on the lips, and Mort blushed.

Zack had just finished undressing when he noticed he was alone in the room, followed by the sound of the shower going. “Coming?” Lydia called out from the bathroom. Zack opened the door to the bathroom to see Lydia naked in the shower, the curtain open and the water spraying off her body.

“Wash my back?”

Zack stepped into the shower behind Lydia, his manhood at full erection at the sight of her lithe, dancer body, naked and wanting. He lathered his hands and proceeded to wash her back, and her side, and reaching around to cup her breasts, his slick fingers gliding over her pert and erect nipples, then down her body, to the smooth area between her legs, and he plunged his fingers into her waiting slit.

Lydia allowed Zack to finger her for a few minutes before she turned in his arms, and pressing herself against the shower wall, guided Zack’s manhood into her, biting her lip as he plunged deep inside her, and as the water splashed over their bodies, Zack continued to pound into Lydia so that her breasts jiggled up and down as her body screamed with the sensation of his cock inside her.

Amanda lay back in the spacious hot tub in their hotel room, and Milo moved forward to kiss her, his erection rubbing against her, as his chest pressed against her.

“Oh god Milo, that feels good.” Amanda said as Milo pressed against her. He then kissed her neck, and she purred her pleasure. Taking a bottle of shower gel from the ledge, he lathered his hands then proceeded to massage her breasts as Amanda arched her back to give him access to her, and in doing so, her legs parted a bit, and Milo’s manhood pressed against the swollen vagina. Milo kissed her, and massaged her breasts, as his body pressed involuntarily against her, and then suddenly he felt himseld inside Amanda. His cock encased in the wet warm of her, and Amanda groaned at the pleasure, then suddenly pushed him away.

“No Milo!” she shouted, “Not yet, please.”

“I’m sorry Amanda, I didn’t mean to, it was just …"

“I know Milo, and I am not upset or anything, I just want to make sure, well, that …"

“You don’t want anything to go wrong, in that way.”

“Yes, Milo. I love you. Really, I do, but right now, right here, no, this cannot happen.”

Amanda climbed out of the tub, her absolutely perfect ass exposed, her swollen labia exposed, and she started to towel off, as Milo, too, climbed out of the tub. As Milo was finishing drying, Amanda pulled out a long string of condoms from her purse.

“How many times are you thinking we are doing this?” Milo said.

“Where you are concerned, as often as I can.” she smiled, then added, “But this is to be safe. I think we can start with two at a time, to make sure, well to make sure that YOU, don’t happen.”

Milo bent over, and his skinny white ass was exposed to Amanda as he picked up his pants from the floor, while Amanda smiled at the sight, then Milo presented her with what he brought, a condom.

“Oooh, ribbed,” she said, “That can go on last.”

“I like the way you think.” Milo said, then he let Amanda place her two condoms on his erection, then he finished with his. “You think this is enough?” he asked.

“When it comes to Murphy’s Law, you can never be too sure, but you still need to feel something, so I think we are safe enough, now let’s go to bed. I want to feel that inside me.”

The following morning was a bright and sunny summer day. Milo awoke to a naked and satisfied Amanda Lopez in his arms. He kissed her, and she giggled in her sleep.

Lydia sat in a chair in the Super 8 Motel room and watch Zack as he slept. She was sore. Between the Prom, the shower, and last night, she was totally satified, and her body hummed with the experience, and now, she watched her lover sleep, and she watched the smile on his face, and hoped he was reliving the night in his dreams.

Melissa kissed Mort’s chest, then traced lines across his flesh, and she leaned on her hand, watching him sleep. Then she slipped out of the bed, and dressed, and snuck out of the room, and headed home.

Sarah opened the door to her house, and looked around. Everyone was still asleep, so she slowly crept into the house, and back to her room. Just as she was opening her bedroom door, her mother came out of her bedroom.

“Nice night?” she asked.

“You could say that.” Sarah said, the opened her bedroom door, and backed in, and was swallowed up by the safety of her room.