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2021-01-24 09:29:06 (UTC)

I wonder how I wake up happy 🤫

I wake up nowadays and feel great. I almost always wake up smiling wondering what I'll be doing that day. Today? Same thing. There are some aches and pains from working out but those are good pains. One little issue I'm having is that I must've cut my head a few days ago. I recall bumping the back of my head but didn't think much of it. I just shook it off. Last night, I went to rub the back of my head and there was a noticeable small bump back there and when I touched it, I noticed that there was a cut that had healed a little about 1/2 inch long. Nothing wide but I'm thinking WTH? hehe. I'm pretty sure I'll live.

Anyway, I recall not too long ago, I'd wake up with a flood of mental anguish, stress, and all the bad ju-ju coming into my waking mind. Late nights when it's quiet in bed, I'd think about my Ex and couldn't help but miss them and would feel pathetic missing them thinking something used to be wrong with me. Wondering what I did wrong and feeling sorry for myself. That seemed like a different person than what I am now. Losing the love of my life and all those thoughts kept me up at night.

I finally realized that I never lost the love of my life. If they leave you, then they aren't the ones. The love of your life will be there for you and stick by you no matter what weird quirks you may have. They will fight for you the way you will fight for them. So yeah, that person hasn't met up with me yet. All those others that came and went? Well, that's life. Sometimes people come into your life as a chapter. Some even comes in as a single page. But they aren't scars. They are tattoos in life. Wear them proudly. Just make an effort to be a better you every time.

So I wake up daily with no rush of anxiety or stress anymore. Everyday I get to make an impact on someone if I chose to. Each day I can ask myself what I can do to make someone else's life a little better. Of course, there is numero uno. What can I do for myself to make me happier. At this very moment, that'd be a hot cup of coffee :). Bee right back.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah.. coffee. Next to waking up to a beautiful woman, I gotta think waking up to coffee would be the next best thing. I even have a Keurig on my bedroom nightstand. I'm digging my stainless steel coffee press lately so I'm making sacrifices having to get up and go to the kitchen and making coffee that way instead. Seems to taste even better. 🤪 I laugh on the way to make it sometimes. This is gonna be a little TMI but so what? It's my diary. I'm noticing that I've been sleeping better sleeping without undies. I still wear my gym shorts or my old but now baggy sweat pants that don't have much elastic in them anymore. You know what I'm talking about? Since I lost all that weight, it sort of wants to fall off of me and I'm pretty sure If I don't pull it up from time to time, part of my butt crack is showing but even then, it's still almost about to fall down anyway. Well, if I time it right, I can get up with my morning hard-on and go to the kitchen to make coffee without having to pull my sweat pants up. It's sort of being pinned up by my friend down there. Haha. I know I know. Not something anyone wants to read about and might make some you ill but I live alone, got my system going here, it works, and it's my diary :) I'm now thinking it may be awhile for my "love of my life" to find me. 🤪 haha.

Got no plans today. At least no social stuff for sure 😔. That usually means I'm procrastinating some chores that I'm too lazy to do on a Sunday. Oh yeah, I'm still purging and offered my gaming chair to my friend that just moved into his condo with his teen daughter. Heidi's son mentioned that I was giving it away and she wants it. BTW, not sure if I mentioned it but my friend is very ill. He has some kind of hypertension issue or something related to his heart. I've known him for years now but wasn't too close to him for no reason whatsoever. Nice guy though. Never did me any wrong.

Since I'm not feeling too bad today, I should get some jump ropes in. I'll go for something not too crazy. Just 1,000 jumps in intervals of 1 or 2 hundred. Probably contact that guy that wanted my tires and rims and tell him I'll sell if for what he offered. Check with Heidi to make sure all is taken care of with my friend's move. Maybe go shopping for some workout gear. My friend keeps telling me I should buy leggings especially since we're outside and it's still fricking cold. I know it's not good to work out when your legs are still not warmed up. So yeah, maybe I'll go check it out today if time permits. Or just take a chance and buy them off of Amazon hoping it fits. Pfffft.

There you go. That's my day. Not quite the dramatic "Life problems" people post huh? But I'm happy and that's what counts. And I swear it's not the coffee talking. Well, maybe just a little of the coffee talking but mostly it's me. It's raining today but that don't get me down. Now I don't have to wash and/or wax my truck. More time for me nothing :) haha.

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