Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-24 12:47:35 (UTC)

Mum is up (not)

Hello again, Mum is up.

Apparently I wasn't to be downstairs until half-ten. Either I didn't hear her or I forgot. I don't know, either way she is annoyed with me again. Nevermind.

When Mum got up, she asked me to let Daisy out, and feed the animals. I did so. Then I made myself a tiny bowl of more cereal before washing it up.

Okay, just now Mum said she is going back to bed. So It is just me again... With all the doors open. Don't worry, I am not going to rummage through everything. Though a cup of tea would be nice right now.

My entry ends here.