Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-24 08:45:57 (UTC)

Oops (short entry)

Hello again,

Remember when I said that Mark brought the laptop back upstairs. Well, it turns out that Mark didn't actually, as I found it under the TV when I saw a flashing white tiny light. I went to see where it was, and under the TV was the laptop. Okay, I take it back when I said that Mark brought the laptop upstairs. Sorry.

He did go downstairs and do something, as I heard him take out a plug from a socket. I can tell the difference between hearing a plug being taken out of a socket and hearing a plug being put into a socket. They have slightly different noises. For instance, the noise of a plug being taken out is slightly louder. But only slightly. A plug being put in usually means throwing the switch on as well, and that has a different sound altogether. There are more differences, but I would not be able to explain them.

This short entry ends here.