Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-24 07:13:54 (UTC)



I got a small kebab for dinner. I am going to do ungrateful but I wasn't pleased with the size of it compared to Mum's, but on the bright side no-one wanted the salad so I had it along with my kebab. I still ate the kebab, and I didn't say anything other than 'thank you'.
While eating we were watching 'Rose, me and time', the program that has the headteacher from 'Nativity!' and the wife of a farmer from 'The Good Life'.

After eating, I asked Mum if I can leave the laptop downstairs for the morning, and she said 'Yes' and she even said that later on in the evening. But what does she not do? She doesn't tell Mark, who went downstairs at 6:54AM and brought the laptop back up with him. I also heard him take a plug out of a socket.

I just had my breakfast, and I went to take it back downstairs as I ate up in my room again, and Mum comes out of the bathroom as I get down there. 'What do you think your doing?!' she asks me, I lie to her that I was going to get her breakfast. She hit the roof, a little. She angrily said that I was taking the p### for going downstairs at ten-past seven in the morning, as I will be asking for something else later.

I asked if I could take the laptop down for later, say, 8'o'clock. Mum hit the roof a little again. 'Not at eight in the f###### morning, Bradley!'
Oh well, I don't care about what she said, or about the laptop being upstairs in their room now. I was only going to use it to learn a bit of German. And anyway, I'll be going back downstairs when Mum goes back to sleep in her room from the bathroom.

My entry ends here.