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2021-01-23 23:53:00 (UTC)

Yuck!! Don't be moaning in the gym 🤮

This morning's gym session was good once again. Hasn't been easy lately or I'm losing my man card. Either way, it was a good workout for me. Since it rained, we got to go indoors. Every other square was blocked off so we were very well separated from each other. I got in later than normal so I was way in the back but that's fine, I get to see everyone's pace instead of me up front showing my pace. No curly haired friend today. Shucks.

One lady that was on the older and sorta on the heavier side was there today too. I see her sometimes in other sessions. She isn't the fittest or fastest. One thing about her is that she is a grunter and a moaner during workouts. It's throwing me off in a bad way. Now if some hottie was making all that noise, then heck yes! Maybe I'd be into that. I stand corrected, I would for sure be into that. But not this lady. She was making me unconsciously make a crooked kinda smile/scared face? Good thing we were wearing masks because I couldn't take all that noise she was making. I guess she at least made the class interesting maybe?

After class, I went to the Covid free zone again (Costco). Got some groceries for my friend that just got a condo and dropped it off after I had lunch. When I got there, the rest of the gang happened to be outside so they helped me unload the food that I bought. Heidi wanted me to go to a party with her tonight in Newcastle but meh, didn't feel like going. Wanted to enjoy a little of my Xfinity tv. I'm crushing on Zooey playing in the series New Girl. Then my other crush is Teresa Palmer in Discover of Witches. I liked her in "I am Number 4" and that other zombie movie she played in.

Decided to clean out my garage a bit more and rake some of the leaves up front. Don't know why I raked because I have yard service but meh, figured I clean up a little. Managed to put a dent in the garage too. I swear there must be a pit in that garage that spews out misc things to make my garage more cluttered.

Finally, I figured it was time I start eating right again. Can't do it just by hitting the gym anymore. So I made a zero carb turkey taco dinner tonight. Just some turkey meat fried with bell peppers, onions and some taco seasoning.

Checked out the ad for my rims and tires that I have for sale. I got an offer of $500 for the 4 rims and tires. I got another buyer wanting the spare for $40. So I'll let them know tomorrow that I'll take that offer and get it out of my garage already. I purged a few things from my garage so it looks better. I'm liking it. Still too messy to show a pic of though.

Here is our workout and the turkey taco wrap I had today.