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2021-01-23 07:44:33 (UTC)

New day new page in life 😙

Woke up really early this morning ready to slowly start the day. Of course, I start off with just kicking back chillin in bed. Too early even for the birds at the moment. Just my way of meditating. Had a dream about Superstar and her Sister. We were discussing about my camping events this coming year and letting them know they are welcome to come again. I believe we were having dinner. I believe I dreamt about her because she texted me the other day telling me that she may get to go to Mexico again for a couple of months for school. Sort of like an exchange student. She'll be staying with a family that lives there. Maybe the same one she stayed with last year. That'd be cool. Go out and explore the world while you're still young, no kids, healthy, and no mortgage to deal with yet. Haha.

Yesterday was pretty busy at work. I got stuck trying to build a firewall because I forgot some of the steps. Been awhile since I built one but I eventually got it started. This is a virtual firewall and router for Palo Alto. While doing that, the Tech from Comcast came. Thought it was for next Friday but nope, it was for yesterday. So I had to assist him while I was working. He stayed for 4.5 hrs and did most of it. Got the tv going but couldn't get my internet to work and since it was my own equipment, he said he couldn't stay any longer. No biggie, that's what I do and got it going 15 min after he left. Now I have blazing internet services. BTW, for Comcast/Xfinity customers, did you know that when they say they have xfinty "hotspots" that you can use, rumor has it that it's coming from all the rented xfinity cable boxes. That's what's broadcasting the hotspots they are mentioning. So that means xfinity people around your xfinity box vicinity can be using your hotspot. Cool fun fact huh? Well, fun rumor at least. Well, not happening in my home because I got my own cable modem and wireless router. My SSID is not being broadcast and if I have friends over, my router has a function to turn on another SSID for guests that I can enable/disable at my desire.

Got a morning gym class in a few hrs. Hope it's not a cardio day. Had a few shots of tequila last night so I'd prefer not to puke my liver out this morning. hehe. Hope curly haired friend is there today. She doesn't realize it but she helps push me to workout harder and faster without trying. I think I inspire her too a little because she got better with ball slams. We use these somewhat deflated slam balls and if you slam them on the ground on the flat end, it makes this loud sound that gets people's attention. Well, curly haired lady was next to me a few times saying "Wow Mondo". So now she copied me and knows how to do the same. I hear some slamming coming from her side. I tell her "go gettem fake-newbie". Hehe. She's so strong. I don't know where it's coming from. She looks like a normal ave sized woman. Not frickishly toned or anything like that. No bulging muscles or ripped abs. Yet she is one of the best in the gym. Must be nice to be 25 yrs young. hehe.

One of our meetup friends was able to land a place to live. He has a medical condition so he wasn't able to work much. He was somewhat homeless from what I heard and had enough funds to rent a condo for a couple of months. Heidi asked me if I could donate stuff for his new place. Anything for the house like dishes, bed sheets, etc, etc. I got a bottle opener and some wine for him.... just kidding. I'm sure I got stuff to give so I'll gather some stuff after gym and head out there or give it to Heidi to give to him and his daughter. Maybe I'll go shopping and get them some groceries too. We'll see how I feel after I detox from the gym 😳 Still feeling the after effects from surgery that I had awhile ago but I'm always pushing that wall out further and further every time I work out.