Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-23 09:50:30 (UTC)

Good morning!

Good morning.

I've spent about an hour downstairs doing nothing, when really I need to get 4-parts (about 25 minutes) of Maths done. I am doing algebra. I will do it, it is just I don't do well concentrating at home because really I can do whatever I wanted. I will get bored and look for something else to do, where as at school, it has to be done. I will get on with it, despite the fact some of the lessons I do at school online bore me. I also need to do my science, it is on 'decay'. I didn't do these at school because I ran out of time.

Mum phoned Charlie, my sister, at 5:30PM. She has moved half her stuff, met her neighbours, and is sleeping in her new house from today! She was washing up when she spoke to me, and she is also thinking about getting a dog. She was excited to move in to her new house.

Now better get on with my home-onlinework. My entry ends here.