This Is It - 2021
2021-01-22 00:00:00 (UTC)

Lights out, Crafts out


Woke up early today to a power outage, how fun. It's been back on for most of the day but it's also had its fair share of flickering and resetting. The weather wasn't good today, but it wasn't particularly terrible - I assume a tree must have fallen on something important at some point.

Murder mystery's got me at a confirmed 3/5 on my guesses so far which is...Not great...But not the worst either. Mostly just disappointed that I rethought my guess before submitting and changed away from the correct option. Always super frustrating when that happens. Used to be the worst thing to notice during standardized test prep. - As for this week, I settled on an answer week one and since nothing in canon especially turned me away from it, I'm sticking with it. I submitted my guess right away and now I'll rewatch for further clues, but not spend as much effort on the next immediate death, y'know? (I'm not sure any of you who actually read this care about my murder mystery woes. Oh well, my journal)

Homework took a few hours today - Got to make a note of the workload I've apparently taken on this semester. On a similar track: Teachers who close hard deadlines instead of reducing points for late work? The worst. If I spend several hours in lectures and readings for another class and turn around and write something for a second class I would like to actually be able to turn that writing in instead of wasting my time because I clicked "submit" at 12:00 instead of 11:59. Gross.

Not actually in a bad mood though, despite what that little rant might say. During the lecture videos I worked on some belated Christmas presents for my friends - Very belated because I had no money in December and had no opportunity to actually give gifts until late this month. "Worked on" because they're rather DIY gifts. They definitely LOOK DIY, but I hope it's a sentimental kind of crafty and not just cheap crafty

Hope I still have power when I wake again

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