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2021-01-22 23:02:00 (UTC)

Rolando X Maris: Italian TV Series:

First Episode: March 5, 2018
End Episode: December 27, 2019
Hashtag: #RolandoXMaris2018 and #RolandoXMaris2019
Maristellar Redona
Rolando Redona
Valerie Reyer as Clarissa Redona - Sister of Maristellar
Sammy V as Sam - Maristellar's Love Interest
Jorge Torres as Torres - Maristellar's Secondary Love Interest, after breakup.
Francisco Avendaño as Erich - Maristellar's Father
Gina Vargas as Vera - Maristellar's Mother
Ana Fer as Maristellar's Classmate - Kid Episode Only

Special Participation:
Sherlyn Zuckerman as Young Maristellar Redona